Fall Lip Pick: MAC Nightmoth + My Favorite Combos

Nightmoth somehow manages to look great with any lip color it's paired with. It's my favorite lip liner EVER. Come see my favorite combos!

MAC Nightmoth

I have another Fall Lip Pick for you guys and this time it’s not a lipstick, but a lip liner pencil. My favorite lip liner EVER, MAC Nightmoth. Nightmoth somehow manages to look great with any lip color I pair it with, especially vampy berries and reds… but it also looks great with pinks and purples and will transform your favorite Spring and Summer shades into fabulous looks for Fall.

MAC Nightmoth


MAC Nightmoth Swatch Dark Skin

MAC Nightmoth is described as a blackened plum and the shade is true to description. The pencil applies smooth without pulling or tugging, leaving behind creamy, extremely pigmented, long lasting color. It can even be worn alone, just fill in the entire lip instead of just lining. Here’s some of my favorite Nightmoth lip combos…

MAC Nightmoth with Ruby Woo

 Nightmoth + MAC Ruby Woo

MAC Nightmoth with Rebel

 Nightmoth + MAC Rebel

MAC Nightmoth with Heroine

 Nightmoth + MAC Heroine

MAC Nightmoth with NYX Copenhagen

 Nightmoth + NYX Copenhagen

MAC Nightmoth with OCC Black Dahlia

 Nightmoth + OCC Black Dahlia

MAC Nightmoth with Lady Danger

Nightmoth + Lady Danger

MAC Nightmoth with Flat Out Fabulous

Nightmoth + Flat Out Fabulous

I can’t wait to pair it with some more of my favorite lipsticks like MAC Flat Out Fabulous (added), Lady Danger (added) and Up the Amp. The possibilities are endless!

Available at MAC Cosmetics $17.50

What’s your favorite combo?

The product(s) in this post was purchased with my own money.  See my Disclosure page for additional information.

17 Responses

  1. Every look is gorgeous on you. i rarely wear nightmoth, but now i know how i can work it. Going for the nighmoth +rebel combo. Would love to see a video on how you apply the liner and different lip colors.

  2. Which lip liner would you recommend for MAC instigator and smoked purple lipsticks?same one?or even darker?

  3. I don’t know why I thought it was more of a rich purple. But I like the way rebel and heroine look with it.

  4. Wow you are mesmerizing! I was just browsing to see if I should get night moth during the ULTA 21 days of beauty sale and I am convinced I should.

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