WKND Shenanigans: IDDC Anniversary Party, Curlfest & Tacos Tequila n’ Trap

This might've been the busiest wknd of the Summer. IDDC 4th Anni Bash, Curlfest & Tacos Tequila n' Trap. Here's how it went down.

GlamMzMore at I Don't Do Clubs 4th Anniversary Bash

I had an extremely busy and fun filled weekend with three events- IDDC 4th Anniversary Party, Curlfest and Tacos Tequila n’ Trap. Here’s a rundown with some flix as proof. I’ve been following I Don’t Do Clubs (IDDC) for a while now. If you’ve never heard of IDDC, it’s a blog that features events and activities for young black professionals that don’t involve going to the club. This is my type of site as I really don’t do clubs anymore. Those days are long gone. The only time you will catch me in the club is to celebrate a special occasion with close friends or relatives and trust I don’t stay very long. Or when I’m on vacation and venturing. I’m not with feeling claustrophobic and hot with random dudes all up on my a$$. Uh uh. Rooftops and lounges with light crowds is more my cup of tea these days. Anyway, I attended the IDDC 4th Anniversary Party on Friday with my girl Gina and ironically it was in a club, Providence. It wasn’t too bad though as we were able to secure a table in the upstairs area where the crowd was light, and we ordered some food and chilled. The bottom floor was packed and upon watching from the balcony I noticed that the crowd seemed pretty young, maybe 25-30. I got my dance on here and there but spent most of my time thinking that I really don’t miss the club scene. We still had a great time and I’d like to congratulate IDDC on 4 years.

GlamMzMore Curlfest 2015Photo: Ron Specs Photography

On Saturday my cousin Mo and myself caught the tail end of Curlfest in Prospect Park. We enjoyed browsing the vendors and seeing all of the amazing natural haired beauties around us. They were out in full force looking absolutely beautiful. We wore these Kaftans that we purchased in Cancun. I ran into a lot of you guys that follow me on the blog and social media so if I met you there.. hey girl! *waving*

4c Tapered TWA

I wore my hair in this Marge Simpson style fro and it was a big hit. I achieved the style by stretching my wash n’ go using a metal pick and a blow dryer. I’ll post a tutorial when I do it again. On Sunday my girls and I attended Tacos Tequila n’ Trap at The Delancey which seemed like it would be a good combination.

GlamMzMore Tacos Tequila n Trap

Don’t front like y’all don’t enjoy a little trap music. Even the bourgeois like to drop it like it’s hot here and there lol. I didn’t partake in the tacos since I no longer eat meat. But you were able to bring in food, so I went and grabbed some Chinese. Don’t judge me. To think of it, I didn’t have any tequila either. But I did enjoy some Candy Coronas all afternoon. The rooftop vibe was chill but I feel like the DJ was just okay. There was supposed to be trap music from old school to new and they even have you suggest a song when you RSVP, but they barely played any old school stuff. I wanted to here some Trick Daddy, Trina, Cash Money, Luke etc. and they didn’t deliver.

GlamMzMore Tacos Tequila n Trap

We attempted to hang out on the main level before we left and could’t take more than about 15 minutes. It was packed tight with weed smoke everywhere, and chicks literally getting lifted in the air while grinding on top of dudes (and getting recorded.) Yes, grown a$$ women behaving like this. I guess the trap music brought out the real trap queens.I ain’t about that life. See my face, unbothered. I probably wouldn’t attend this type of event again. But overall I had an amazing weekend.

Be a Black Queen not a Trap Queen

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