OCC Lip Tar RTW Photos, Swatches & Review

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has relaunched their Lip Tar in a ready to use cylindrical tube with a doe foot wand, OCC Lip Tar RTW (Ready To Wear).

OCC Lip Tar RTW Review

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has relaunched their popular Lip Tar liquid lipsticks in a ready to use cylindrical tube with a doe foot wand, OCC Lip Tar RTW (Ready To Wear). This is a huge deal as it should make them so much easier to apply. There are 25 shades and the formula is unchanged. I went to the launch party last night at the OCC Ludlow St. Boutique here in NYC and received a few shades to try in my gift bag- Sebastian, Hush and Anime. While there I also purchased a few shades that I regretfully missed out on- Belladonna, Technopagen and Black Dahlia. I don’t feel so bad that I missed them now that I get to experience them in the new tube.


OCC Lip Tar RTW TechnopagenOCC Lip Tar RTW Technopagen

The tube opening is very small so that when you pull out the wand it removes most of the excess product, leaving just the right amount on the doe foot applicator to completely cover both lips. The Lip Tars are very pigmented so you only need a tiny amount. If you apply too much it takes a long time to dry down and ends up all over your teeth.OCC Lip Tar RTW Review

OCC Lip Tar RTW Sebastian, Hush, Anime, Belladonna, Technopagan, Black Dahlia Swatches

Sebastian, Hush, Anime, Belladonna, Technopagen, Black Dahlia

OCC Lip Tar RTW Sebastian Dark Skin

Sebastian, plum toned taupe

OCC Lip Tar RTW Hush Dark Skin

Hush, bridal neutral pink

OCC Lip Tar RTW Anime Dark Skin

Anime, seriously neon pink

OCC Lip Tar RTW Belladonna Dark Skin

Belladonna, ultra violet

OCC Lip Tar RTW Technopagen

Technopagen, blackened purple with blue metallic pearl

OCC Lip Tar RTW Black Dahlia Dark Skin

Black Dahlia, blackened red

All of the photos were taken when the Lip Tars were freshly applied so they still have a wet look, but they dry down to a demi-matte finish. I only applied what was initially on the wand and that was enough to cover both lips, actually more than enough. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to precisely apply the Lip Tars. It is 100x better than having to apply with a brush, and applying with your fingers is out of the question as that’s too messy. I have a nice collection of Lip Tars but I honestly barely wear them as I’m too lazy to take my time and apply with a brush. I do however use them in my MUA Kit so I hope that OCC still keeps the squeeze tube as an option since that’s easier and more hygienic for MUAs. Overall, the new tubes are the best thing to happen to OCC Lip Tars. I am pretty sure that they will become even more popular now that they are so easy to apply and comparable to the latest liquid lipsticks on the market. Although Lip Tars are the original liquid lipsticks, sometimes you have to adjust to keep up with the competition. In case you missed them, be sure to check out the rest of my OCC Lip Tar Reviews.

The OCC Lip Tars RTW launches today and is available at OCC and Beautylish $15 

Some product(s) in this post were provided for review consideration, while others were purchased with my own money. See my Disclosure page for additional information.

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  1. Great to hear! I swear I can’t stand using them in the older packaging LoL. I love black dahlia on you. I wonder if the product still separates in the tube like it does in the older packaging, it’s still a win

    1. Thank you so much and I feel you on the old packaging lol. It will probably still separate a little, that’s the nature of the ingredients… but nothing a good shake can’t fix.

  2. So does the black dahlia dries to a more matte finish or is it still pretty glossy? Because all the photos i’ve seen with that lip tar, it seems like it doesn’t dry down much.

    1. It does dry down a lot if you don’t apply too much (like I did). Remember there’s also a Black Dahlia Metal Lip TR which is shiny

  3. All these shades look beyond beautiful on you. I personally have Interlace, Sebastian and John Doe and since trying them out I wonder to myself why I never purchased any of the original tubes. Can’t wait to buy more…

  4. How long do these last on the lips? I’m looking into getting interlace cause I only like pale lip colors on me and I want a long wearing liquid lipstick but can’t find any info on how long they actually do last!

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