“Pamper Me” Brow Makeovers At HIBBA NYC

I met up with my NYC Fashion Blogger Meetup Girlies after work yesterday at Hibba Madison for some us time and a little brow pampering.

hibba nyc madison

I met up with my NYC Fashion Blogger Meetup Girlies after work yesterday at Hibba Madison for some us time and a little pampering. Hibba NYC is a “Green Beauty” Salon specializing in Threading and Waxing. The ladies treated us lovely and provided us with refreshments and best of all, beautiful brow makeovers!


Brow Makeovers At HIBBA NYC


The Browologists were very thorough and catered to each and every one of our needs which were all very different. I haven’t had my eyebrows done professionally in years as they are very sparse without a great shape and every time I get them done I am never happy with the results. I always opt to just have them cleaned up so that I can fill them in the way that I want but this is never the case… I walk away with overworked brows from the Browologist trying to create a shape that’s just not there and taking off too much in the process. It takes months for them to grow back in completely so I quit a long time ago and just tweeze my brows every few weeks to clean up strays. I didn’t have this problem at Hibba however, they cleaned my brows up as I asked and kept to my natural shape. I was very happy with the results as was the rest of the girls.

Brow Makeovers At HIBBA NYC

Our Browologists. It was a pleasure working with them.


Founder Hibba with myself and group member Jamila


We caught up and enjoyed our snacks and brow makeovers while playing trivia games to win prizes from Hibba and our sponsor JustFab. I won a gift certificate for a Brazilian Wax so I’ll be checking Hibba out again soon. I’ll keep you guys posted on that experience.


charcoal pencil skirt outfit

It was a great evening and I really enjoyed catching up with the girls while getting in some end of Summer pampering. Fun times.

HIBBA NYC (Midtown East) 315 Madison Ave Ste 507 hibbabeauty.com

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  1. A lovely ladies always has lovely brows, if theres anything I swear by its this! Looks like a great time!


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