Blogging 101: Blogging On The Go

As a busy blogger it's important to keep up with your blog at all times, including on the go. Blogging on the go is easy with my Dell Venue 7 tablet.

This is a sponsored post for Intel. However, all opinions are my own.


As a busy blogger it’s important to have the means to keep up with your blog at all times, including on the go. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep up especially since I also work a 9 to 5. With the flood of blog comments, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network activity it can all be overwhelming when you’re out and about, but it doesn’t have to be. Primarily I keep up with The Glamorous Gleam on the go with my smartphone, but sometimes the screen is just too small. I used to carry my netbook but lugging that around with my DSLR was just too much for everyday. I found that a 7″ tablet is the perfect medium. It has a bigger screen than a smartphone and is much lighter than a laptop or netbook. It can even fit in my smaller bags. I’m currently using an Intel powered Dell Venue 7 along with a host of apps including WordPress, Facebook Pages Manager, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

Blogging 101 Blogging On The Go

I’m able to create blog post on the go,  respond to emails, post to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and interact with my followers. Using a tablet for blogging on the go makes my life as a blogger so much easier. In my downtime I also use my tablet to read books, keep up with magazine subscriptions and watch my favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go. So it’s not only handy for blogging purposes but for entertainment purposes as well, a tablet is a great investment.

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