Fashion Please Don’t: Wear A Sheer Dress Sans Slip Like Rihanna

Rihanna looked absolutely stunning at the CFDA Awards in a crystal Adam Selman gown with matching headpiece... at least from the neck up.

Rihanna CFDA Awards Crystal Gown

Rihanna looked absolutely stunning at the CFDA Awards in a crystal Adam Selman gown with matching headpiece… at least from the neck up. Her makeup was absolutely flawless and the headpiece complimented it perfectly, but her dress was completely sheer. Leave nothing to the imagination, let it all hang out sheer.



Nipples out, her infamous rib cage tattoo in full view and a pair of nude…



G strings. Yes G strings. Booty cheeks all on display.

Now I understand that she was accepting the Fashion Icon Award and some are arguing that this is exactly why she’s a fashion icon, for pushing the limits… but I’m sorry this is just pushing it too far. Since when is appropriate to have your goodies out all over the red carpet and in public in general? Ladies leave something to the imagination. A simple slip would have took this look from trashy to classy. Sorry to say but this is a fashion fail. Icon or not.

What did you think of Rihanna’s dress?

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  1. Agreed. I’ve actually read some people claim those who condemn some of her fashion choices are jealous they don’t have her body. We aren’t jealous we just don’t want bare crotch and boobs in our faces all the time no matter how pretty it looks. Cover up,honey.

    1. Lol I’m far from jealous. I could use a little tightening up but I’m happy with my body. If I wanted to wear something like this I could, but I wouldn’t because it’s tasteless. People kill me defending her just because she is her. If this was a random chic on the street they know that they would be going in calling her “thots” and what not smh

  2. Everyone was going crazy over this look and I was like “hold up tho, she’s nekkid” lol Beautiful dress and her body is banging but I don’t care for it. I guess she was going for shock and awe but at this point are we really shocked?

  3. I don’t understand why media or the industry made these behavior acceptable (or even a norm). Crazy. I agree with you a simple slip would have been perfect.

  4. There is no defending this. If Miley did it folks would be talking about her like a dog. Rihanna done lost her mind! Where is her mama? Cuz if don’t nobody else tell you, your mama should.

  5. I do love the look, but also admit if a reg person on the streets of Brooklyn was wearing it, eek. Yup, slut. But I dk, it is also not a red carpet. Sign. She has a nice body, through.

  6. This Look was simply trashy ,i am at a loss for words i mean where was her mum but i guess shes the bread winner so no one can talk to her,IMO shes an attention seeking hoe if it were Miley the world would have shunned her but now its Ms Rii and shes a fashion Icon. Trash much.
    P.S Erica dont mind the naysayers saying you should applaud her. stan shit

  7. She did the absolute most. Her face was beat down to the ground and I loved that head piece. That dress would have been amazing had I not have had to see her bare nipples and tail…because why? There was no rhyme or reason for her to walk out in public basically nude. If she was a person simply walking the street she would have been arrested for nudity or dragged for filth all over Instagram. I don’t care where she was going that outfit is not fit for any outing. I fully agree with you that was a “no ma’am” moment.

  8. I agree with you Erica, 200%. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rihanna just fine. But she’s in violation for that. I understand pushing
    the boundaries of fashion- I get it. But in this case, where would one go from here? Butt a** naked? Sorry, but that’s just simply
    “Team Too-Much”! Love ya Ri-Ri, but bad choice. Bad, BAD choice.

  9. Leave something to the imagination? What do you think is gonna be under there? An elephant? An umbrella? A house? Also, just because it doesn’t fit in with the boundaries a society has put down, does NOT mean it isn’t okay. For example, in the 19th century it would have been stretching the boundaries to an extreme for a woman to want to vote, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing that some people didn’t follow those boundaries. Of all things to write an article about, it’s the shock of a woman having nipples.

    1. This is old now and I’m over it. I’ve stated my opinion numerous times already and what you’re saying won’t change it, so I won’t bother to respond to your rant.

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