SHow Up and SHow Out, The Makeup Show NYC 2014 Recap

I sent Mo to TMS NYC as a correspondent and she had an amazing time. I've turned her into a super beauty fanatic. Check out her recap with lots of pictures.

The Makeup Show NYC was held May 4th-5th and unfortunately I was unable to attend as I was on vacay in Cali (more on that later), but don’t fret as I sent my cousin Monique as a correspondent for The Glamorous Gleam and she had an amazing time. Here is her recap…


The Makeup Show is the hottest ticket in town for makeup enthusiast and lovers of all things beauty. TMS provides a place for the public to meet the their favorite bloggers, makeup artists and shop their favorite beauty brands with discounts as much as 40% off. This was my very first makeup show as I had the pleasure of going as a correspondent for Erica…and what an experience it was! The beauty event of the year began with a special Blogger Preview Event the Saturday before the big show hosted by the hilarious makeup extraordinaire James Vincent who also holds the title of The Makeup Show’s Director of Artistry and Education. We got an exclusive sneak of brands who showcased in this year’s show and some of James Vincent’s favorite products as well as a bag full of makeup goodies. We also got a first look of world-renowned makeup artist and photographer Kevyn Aucoin’s work. The Makeup Show partnered up with Kevyn Aucoin Beauty to showcase never-before-seen pieces from Kevyn Aucoin’s life work, I especially enjoyed the drawings and photographs. James introduced us to some of the over 75 beauty brands, 6 keynote speakers and 20 seminars which included Black Up Cosmetics of Paris, Temptu, Inglot, Charlotte Tillbury, OCC, Crown Brushes, Sephora, Mac Pro, Gorgeous Cosmetics, AJ Crimson, Pinnacle Cosmetics and many more….








The next day was the big show and what a sight it was. I arrived pretty early as I figured I would avoid the crowds. However to my surprise when I arrived the Metropolitan Pavilion was jammed packed. I already knew what stations I wanted to visit so I quickly headed there right away. My first stop was Black Up Cosmetics, James Vincent spoke very highly about this brand during the Blogger Preview Event so I couldn’t wait to check them out. When I arrived there was a line of people surrounding the counter so I weaseled my way in and started talking to one of the representatives named Michael. He was super sweet with the cutest French accent. I told Michael I was interested in purchasing some lipsticks, he walked me through the various shades of lippies and helped me select a few. I ended up choosing 2 lipsticks in shades 21 (fuchsia) and 34 M which is a matte (Bright Red/Orange), I also got a lip lacquer in the shade VL 06. I saw the model in their display rocking this gorgeous purple lip shade..I just knew that I had to get one for me and one for my cuz of course! The only bummer was that some of the products had to be shipped from Paris. Michael assured me that the products would ship in two days and sure enough they did arrive that Tuesday.

tms-nyc-2014-31    tms-nyc-2014-30





 Next, I made my way to Nars Cosmetics where I purchased a blush (Taj Mahal), Light Reflecting Setting Powder and a lippie that I spotted on one of the representatives called Schiap. I also purchased a brush cleaner by Dante Disposable Products. I really wanted to go to MAC PRO which was offering 20 % off palattes, as well as Inglot but the lines were INSANELY long and I wanted no parts of that lol!



















After checking out some stations, I decided to attend a few seminars which included Maurice Stein of Cinema Secrets (he did the legendary Barbara Streisand’s makeup) who stated that he has been using the same Crown Makeup brushes for 25 years, an MUA (sorry didn’t catch her name) who did a makeup look inspired by Amy Adams’ character in the film American Hustle which took place during the 1970’s. The look was inspired by a classic trifecta: 1970s Cosmopolitan covers, Catherine Deneuve’s Chanel ads, and Studio 54.






Lastly, I attended one of the best seminars of the day (IMO) by an International MUA from Jamaica named Buntricia Sebastian, where she demonstrated a bridal makeup look. She was extremely witty, funny and very informative.

Some things I learned:

Mix primer with foundation to avoid the dreadful white cast because cameras pick up the light we cannot see with the naked eye.

Buntricia doesn’t believe in applying concealer.

Always apply makeup going up towards your forehead, Buntricia says applying your makeup downward ages you.

Buntricia says she always applies foundation over her clients lips to get the true color of lipstick.

She also gave us her email address and said that if any artists wanted an honest opinion of their work, they should email her. Follow her on Instagram @BuntriciaBastian!



All in all, I had an amazing time in the presence of individuals who are so passionate about their craft. It was an exciting event and I’m glad that I attended. Thanks again cuz! You might have turned this girl into a makeup fanatic ;P


You’re welcome Monique and I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself. I think I’ll have to send you on some more beauty assignments since you did such a great job 🙂 Thank you so much for attending The Makeup Show in my absence! Here are the goodies that was in the bag from the blogger preview. There are some amazing products in there and I’ll be talking about those that stand out… Monique also picked me up a Black Up Lip Lacquer and NARS lipstick which are both insanely gorgeous so I will be featuring those soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Also wanted to say great recap. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the BlackUp products. I learned of the brand through UK and French beauty vloggers I follow on YouTube. They got me interested, and now that the brand seems to be making its way States side, I want to know even more, especially about the lipsticks and blushes (the colors look amazing!).

      1. That’s interesting. I had no idea (obviously! LOL). I’m curious to know why things didn’t work out. It’s not like Black women don’t buy high end cosmetics. Maybe they’ve revamped since then so what we’re seeing now is very different from what they had back then. Well, regardless, they definitely seem to have stateside interest now. I’d also love to know if they are going to try Macy’s again.

        1. Lol. Supposedly the brand was just as good back then as it is now. I do hope they come back, Sephora would be a good fit as well.

          1. You know Sephora, now that you mention it, would probably be the better fit, and now I’m wondering why that didn’t happen initially because they’re both French. Who knows? We’ll see what happens.

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