The End of a Season

Labor Day marks not only the end of Summer, but the countdown for the kids to go back to school. For me, it was also the end of the braid season this year.

end of braid season asymmetrical bob

Firstly, The Glamorous Gleam 4th Blogiversary was this past Sunday and I’m stoked to be celebrating another year. When I first started this blog I had no idea that I would stick with blogging for so long and that the blog  would still be going strong. I have to thank you guys for that for sticking around, continuing to read and giving your input through your comments. Whether here on the blog or on my various social networks you all are always showing me support. With that said I would like to say thank you so much guys, you rock! We will be doing something to celebrate asap as I am cooking up some ideas.

pleated high low skirt

Labor Day marks the end of the Summer although the season is not officially over for another few weeks. For me, Labor Day marked the end of the braid season. I spent a good part of the weekend taking out my braids and styling my hair. I decided to go with an asymmetrical bob for the Fall as it’s one of my tried and true styles and I find it perfect for the Fall season. I plan to braid my hair back up before Thanksgiving or Christmas for the Winter but for now I am enjoying letting my scalp get some air as I had my braids in for 18 weeks. I am shocked that I actually kept them in for that long. I tried filming a tutorial for you guys while doing my hair so hopefully I will have that up with a closer look at my hair soon.


I went to spend Labor Day with my mom and sisters. My little man just came home for the Summer this weekend and begged to go spend a few days with them before school starts so I took him up. My baby just got back and left me already, but he was sad to see his mommy go. He’s such a momma’s boy and I love it lol





I miss my pumpkin AGAIN already and can’t wait to get him back this weekend so we can have some fun before he starts Junior High on Monday.


H&M top | VS Skirt | Kelsi Dagger Shoes | Zara Bag | F21 Earrings |MAC Morange l/s

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  1. Congrats on four years!!!! I remember after I saw you on Fashion Bomb daily I was like OMG she is so pretty and I love her style!! I’ve been a reader ever since and even tho I don’t comment as often as I should I read every post. I get inspiration from your classic style and you have helped me be less afraid to try lipcolor.

  2. aww, you look so pretty! 18 weeks is such a long time, i wish i could have my braids in for that long but my dry scalp won’t let me be great at times lol i love seeing you with your son, you two are adorable!!!

    1. Awww thank you so much Joanne. Keeping them in that long required a lot of work with washing, moisturizing and touch ups. If I didn’t keep up with them I would have been looking a hot mess by the head! Lol

  3. Congrats girlie!! Love your blog!! I’ve been hooked from the first time I found your blog and on Instagram you inspire me so much!! Keep doing what you do!! Btw your hair is pretty!! I love what you are wearing!! Love that top!!

  4. Congratulations on 4 years. Yes, when I saw you on the Fashion Bomb, I had to subscribe. You have helped me breakout of my safety zone when it comes to makeup. Seriously! Because of you I wear pink, red, and orange lips with pride.I’ve also found out about so many beauty brands that cater to darker skin because of you. Milani is now my best friend. LOL! I am hoping that you get blessed with your own beauty line or something for brown girls cuz you really are a beauty inspiration.

    1. Oh thank you so much Alissa. One of main goals as a beauty blogger is to help brown girls feel comfortable in their skin and not be afraid of color, or succumb to the stigma that we can’t wear color. Glad to hear from you and from others that my point is being well taken 🙂

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