The Sleek MakeUp Nude Collection & i-Divine Au Naturel Palette Swatches & Review

The Sleek Makeup Nude Collection features an eyeshadow palette, blush and pout polish all in natural hues. It's a nude lovers dream.

The Sleek Makeup Nude Collection features an eyeshadow palette, blush and pout polish all in natural hues. A nude lovers dream, the i-Divine Au Naturel Palette is filled with matte nudes and a robust mixture of shimmering berries, olives and browns. Oh and let’s not leave out black…

Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe

Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir

In case you are wondering how the Sleek Au Naturel Palette compares to the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette…

Top Row: Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches

Bottom Row: Sleek Au Naturel Palette Swatches

There are a few dupes but if you are a lover of nude eyeshadows and already own the Urban Decay Naked Palette, then the two palettes are different enough to own both. If you do not own the Urban Decay Naked Palette and would like to own a nude eyeshadow palette at a fraction of the cost then this is for you. I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette and I can see the Sleek Au Naturel Palette becoming a fave as well.

The shadows in the Au Naturel Palette have pretty decent pigmentation, especially the bottom row where the colors are smooth and rich. The matte shades also glide on smooth and they are not patchy nor too powdery. I feel that Sleek could have done without  a few of the nude shades in the top row and added in a rich gold and maybe a silver, since the shades are so similar. The bottom row reminds me of Fall with the deep hues, so rich in color. Overall I am impressed and the bottom row alone would have sold me on this palette!

The Nude Collection also features a blush and pout polish…

Sleek Suede Blush is a Matte Cinnamon Brown with Pink Undertones. Reminds me of a slightly lighter version of NYX Cocoa Blush. It will work well with many different skintones, but will show up better on lighter to medium complexions.

Suede Blush & Bare Minimum Pout Polish

Bare Minimum Pout Polish reminds me of MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass but a little less pigmented.

I am really digging the Sleek Nude Collection. I am so used to seeing bold & bright colors from the brand and this is what originally caught my attention, however it is nice to see a more muted collection that anyone can wear. The Nude Collection is due to be released at the end of August/Early September on August 31st. In the meantime check out the Oh So Special i-Divine Palette.

What do you think about the Sleek Nude Collection, will you be buying anything?

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  1. thanx for swatches&review honey but think I will be passing this collex not keen on super excited about the Carribean colex out on e 6th of July cant wait lol

  2. I already have the oh so special palette I think that some of the shades are very similar to it!then even if I really want the “au naturel” palette I’m gonna be reasonable and won’t buy it. BUT I want that blush and that pout polish and I’m gonna have it lol

  3. I’m a sucker for sleek palettes. I just feel they are real handy and cheap to have.

    Sleek are releasing palettes like it’s going outta fashion lolol

  4. It sucks because I tried to order from Sleek with my prepaid debit card (that’s the only thing I use for internet shopping) and Sleek wouldn’t take my order.

  5. I’ve been searching for this palette after seeing a tester in my local superdrug– glad to know that it isn’t one that I’ve missed

  6. I love the shades in the bottom row, and the blush looks very pretty and wearable! As always I don’t think I will get the Pout Polish.

  7. Since my skin is very light, I will totally purchase EVERYTHING ♥_♥
    Love the palette and hope that the blush will be some great deal for contouring.

  8. Hi! Love your blog… hope you’ll follow me too… by the way… where online can i buy this? it sucks when it’s not available here in the Philippines :/

  9. I have no intention of buying the naked palette too expensive for me 🙁 so i was thinking of sleek palette. which palettes should i take to have all colours similar to naked palette?
    maybe au naturel plus storm palette?
    or au naturel and storm are too similar??
    please help me thanks
    ps your blog is fantastic

    1. Thank you so much! 😉

      The Au Naturel and Storm Palettes would be perfect in lieu of the Naked Palette. They are not too similar to own both. Hope that helps!

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