Tutorial: How To Cover A Tattoo With Makeup

On certain occasions I don't want my arm tattoo visible. So I cover it up. Check out my tutorial on how to cover a tattoo with makeup. It's pretty easy!

I love tattoos! I have 3, well technically 4 because one is a cover up and I really want a few more. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a huge tattoo on my left arm. On certain occasions such as really formal events, I do not want my tattoo visible so I cover it up. It’s pretty easy!

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  1. Wow! That’s soo cool! lol!

    just a random question, how many of those colour wheel things do you use per outting? It seems like you’ve use almost all of it for just that one tattoo! It must really cost a bit to cover it, huh?

    1. No, not at all hon. I barely put a dent in the wheel. It just looks like I am using so much because the creme is so thick. The more feasible thing to do was to scrape some out and put it on a mixing palette (which I forgot to bring out.) The wheel will last a very long time and the foundation forever!

  2. WAO!!! I was at my American Government class and we have to do a presentation as if we are interviewing for a really big position. One of the “pet peeves” of our instructor was to make sure and cover tattoos because it sends the wrong impression. Since its HOT and we want to dress up for the occassion (which is an interview)but, at the same talking, wear something according to the weather, covering up tattoos this way is an awesome idea.

    I personally dont have any tattoos but I will definitely pass this video on to my classmates who have tattoos in very compromising places to follow these simple steps.

    Thanks Mz. More, this was very helpful

  3. wow i super like this. I have a huge tat on my hand and my new job does not allow it. I will definitely have to cover it always. thanks a lot.

  4. Hey, I have a tattoo that I absolutely hate on my shoulder & back and I’m THANKFUL for finding your video on YouTube! But I have a few questions, my tattoo is leopard prints so there’s a lot of spots how do you recommend me to cover it & where can I find these items?

    1. Hi. You can cover it in the same way that I covered this tattoo. You can use a tattoo cover up wheel from Ben Nye instead of the Graftobian wheel as well. If you have a theater makeup store in your town you can find it there, or do a quick google search and you will find online retailers. The dermablend foundation is very good with great coverage too but you must set everything so it doesn’t rub off. The Ben Nye Final Seal spray is great to set everything after setting powder.

  5. Hey sweetheart! You have really help me out with this turtorial:). I have my husbands name over my heart that I had done in December. He put mine on his wrist before his second deployment overseas, and I wanted to show my love to him that way. Though he completly understands that I don’t want the drama during summer vactation of my “old fashion” mother flipping out on me for having a tatoo LOL!! So THANK YOU so much for taking that stress off girl :)!

  6. Hi Erika!
    I really loved your video. I just want to know if the dermablend is really good with blending. i dont know what color i would need. i am a little lighter than you. Which shade of brown should I get??

    1. Thank you. I am not sure of all of the different shades. I would suggest a search of swatches online or to go to a counter near you if one is available.It blends pretty well.

  7. THANK YOU. this is really incredible. I was turned down for an interview for my dream job yesterday because I have a visible tattoo so I’ve been wondering if there was a way to cover it without having to get it removed. you did an INCREDIBLE job, and I really, REALLY appreciate you taking the time to post this.

  8. Hey I was,wonder I g where do I get these products and if It will stay or melt/ rub off on clothes. I’m getting married and want to cover up a chest /shoulder ltattoo

    1. I haven’t had it rub off once set. A quick Google search of each product mentioned will help you find a site to purchase. I believe I purchased the Graftobian wheel at The Makeup Show and the Dermablend at Macy’s.

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