Sleek MakeUp Life’s A Peach Blush Swatches, Review & Dupe

Sleek MakeUp Life's A Peach Life's A Peach is a light Peach matte blush with Orange undertones. The blush will be a new addition to the Sleek lineup in May.

Sleek MakeUp Life's A Peach Blush

I received Life’s a Peach blush back in October of last year when I attended the Sleek MakeUp Blogger’s Event in NYC. The blush will be a new addition to the Sleek lineup in May, and is expected to be a permanent selection.

Life’s A Peach is a light Peach matte blush with Orange undertones. Very true to color. However, it is very sheer and those with a darker complexion have to build it up for it to show. As you can  see above, it disappeared into my skin  but it is very buildable.

As soon as I saw Life’s a Peach I thought that the shade looked very familiar. Missed Ripe Peach  Ombre  Blush from the MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection? Well then Life’s a Peach is for you as it is very similar…

From Left to Right:

Ripe Peach (Bottom Part)

Ripe Peach (Center)

Ripe Peach (Top)

Life’s a Peach

Ripe Peach (Blended together)

Left: Sleek Life’s a Peach, Right: MAC Ripe Peach (Blended together)

Sleek Life’s a Peach is actually a little more pigmented and more of a true toned peach than Ripe Peach. It applied smooth and blended well. As I mentioned earlier, it is very sheer so you have to build it up, but it can be layered for intensity. Check out Life’s a Peach on the cheeks…

It gives a nice natural looking flush. I likey!

As mentioned earlier, Life’s a Peach is due to be released in May and is expected to be part of the permanent collection. UK beauties can look out for it in Superdrug, and rumor has it that some Super Drugs have it out already. As usual us US beauties must order it from the Sleek MakeUp website, $6.50

The product(s) in this post was provided for review. See my Disclosure page for additional information.

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  1. Gorg! Even though I’ve never tried Sleek, I seem to love the company! All the UK bloggers I follow love it and I want IN! LOL

    The need to stop playing and distribute in the US… I’m sure they’d do well here!


    1. Thanks hon. I love Sleek and have a bunch of their products. They should be distributed in the US soon, they are working on it… but for now we are stuck with ordering online. That $13 shipping kills me though. Ouch! lol

  2. I want this blush so bad but I am not willing to pay $13 shipping to get it. Thanks for the review and you look stunning as always.

    1. Thank you Vixxan. Yeah that $13 is tough. I usually wait until I want enough products to make the shipping worth it unless I have a discount code

  3. that color looks amazing on you! I have the blush as well and I luv it..and thanks for the comparison swatches, I don’t own peach ombre and ur right they are similar..THANKS!

    1. Thanks hon and you are are welcome. I know a lot of people wanted MAC’s Ripe Peach and missed out so Life’s a Peach should do the trick!

  4. ooppsss..never mind..why did I think I had this blush LOL…I have pan tao and it give me flush like lifes a peach..ugh..its too early in the…sorryy..but the blush is gorgeous on u and I can not wait to get my hands on it!!

    1. Lol it’s all good. I want Pan Tao. So mad I didn’t order it lol. It looks very similar to Life’s a Peach but much more pigmented.

  5. Hey girl! That color looks EXCELLENT on you! I was watching a tutorial last night with pixiwoo and they also used Sleek products and kept saying how cheap and affordable they are. Tell me, what do you compare Sleek quality to? I am very interested in checking anything that’s affordable out! 🙂

    1. Thanks girl. If I could compare Sleek’s quality to another brand, I think I would choose NYX. Their eyeshadow palettes are great, you have the occasional few shades that are chalky or too frosty but overall pretty shades with great color pay off and long lasting. Their blushes are usually very pigmented and stays on all day and their contour kits are out of this world. Definitely give them a try! 🙂

  6. Nice pic. Can you recommend me any sleek blushes that do not have all the shimmer/shine I really love matte blushes, something for women of color.

    1. Thank you. My top matte picks from Sleek for women of color would be Scandolous, a matte tomato red which is a dupe for NARS Exhibit A, Aruba a tangerine orange and Santorini a bright fuchsia. Don’t let the descriptions scare you. They are bright and very pigmented but give a nice flush with a light hand. Beautiful for women of color. Scandalous and Aruba have swatches on this site already if you do a search. I will be posting Santorini soon when I post the Mediterranean Collection. I have so much Sleek stuff I try not to bombard my readers with all of the reviews at the same time 🙂

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