Fashion Please Don’t: Visible Band-Aids

Visible Band-aids are never cute, especially when dangling from your shoes. Here's some other options to keep you looking cute without being in pain.

Visible Band-Aids

Visible Band-aids are never cute, especially when dangling from your shoes. If your shoes are rubbing blisters on your heels, use invisible band-aids or even better, a liquid bandage. Insert heel cushions in the shoes to prevent further damage and to protect your heels when the shoes are worn in the future. Now you can still look cute without being in pain. See, it doesn’t always hurt to be beautiful!

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  1. I find not it very hygienic for my part .On risk of the infections it is not very glamorous. Now the brands are to improve on the subject, all the same!!! Thank you in any case for this call to order.

  2. Guess your like my sister and like to take secret pics of ppl. LOL. I NEVER know what she’s gonna send me next… 😀

    1. Her heels are raw, she definitely needs to let them rest. She didn’t know that I was taking the pic. We were waiting for the light to change and I was behind her and just happened to see. You never know when the Fashion Police are watching! lol

  3. I totally disagree, I think its fine to wear band aids with high heels or other shoes that give you blisters. I wear alot of ballet flats that give me blisters on weekdays and band-aids are like a staple for me, especially if Im breaking in new shoes for a few weeks. Since I tend to get at least one or two new pairs of shoes each month, Im essentially always breaking in new shoes, which rub raw blisters on the backs of my heels, and band-aids are a total necessity for me. I often times will put them on my heels in the morning just like its part of my wardrobe, and I think they are great. On the weekends when I wear high heels out and about, you better believe Im wearing band aids with my heels. I know Im hardly the only girl out there that does it this way.

    1. Heel pads are also an option to protect your heels but if you want to wear band-aids fine, they just should not be visible and. Hanging out of your shoes like the girl in the photo. That is tacky.

  4. I don’t do bandaids because I usually don’t get blisters (I am not willing to suffer that much for fashion, I wear new shoes around the house for a while before taking them out and if they give me blisters, back they go), but I DO wear foot socks. You know, those thin/ small hybrids of hose and socks that you can wear inside shoes. I do my best to buy low-cut ones, or maybe colored ones if needed (eg, w/ my JS Bendies I’ve been wearing them with purple ones I got from KMart around the house), but sometimes they are visible if I wear them outside. Maybe tacky, but sometimes needed, and better than getting a blister. Surprisingly, KMart has a great selection of foot socks (Peds), different paddings, colors, materials, etc. It’s pretty much the only thing I shop at KMart (instead of Target or Walmart) for!

  5. Look anyone who wears heels knows that sometimes you have to wear bandaids to cover the blisters that the heels will rub up against the bare skin on the back of your heels.

    And whether we like it or not, sometimes those bandaids will be visible or become loose. It happens and thats ok, its not a big deal.

    Half the time Im wearing bandaids there is at least part of the bandaid that is visible, because thats where the bandaid needs to be to protect my foot against blisters caused from the shoe rubbing blisters on my bare feet. Sometimes you can’t see the bandaid, othertimes you can.

    I’ve never heard any other girl in the office cricize me for wearing bandaids on my heels where they could see them, and even though Im a single mom, I still have a very active dating life; and Ive never had any guy comment about the fact that he can see my bandaids when Im wearing high heels or say anything negative of the sort.

    1. I know that sometimes it is necessary to put a bandaid on your foot as the shoe may be rubbing especially with new shoes, that is why I suggested clear bandaids or liquid bandages. Better yet a heel cushion to protect your foot from further damage and more comfort. Heel cushions are relatively inexpensive.

      My opinion still stands, visible bandaids especially as shown above is tacky. When used as a quick fix it is alright but when used as a permanent solution it is not cool. If you don’t have a problem with visible bandaids that is fine for you, but for myself and as a tip for my readers, visible bandaids is a no go.

  6. I have to wear band aids on my feet all the time cause the high heels I have to wear to work at the office are always rubbing blisters on the bare skins on the backs of my feet! They are both a fashion and workplace necessity for the modern girl!

    But you’re right they can’t do much good when hanging over the edge of a shoe like that!

  7. I wear band-aids on my feet when i break in new flats or with new high heels mostly on my heels but sometimes toes aswell,honestly for most of my friends it is quite normal,they are like best friends for us.
    Even guys dont say anything when they notice bandaids on my feet.
    Erica just be more of a real female,it is perfectly fine!

    1. Be more of a real female? Just because I’m not tacky doesn’t mean that I’m not a real female. Myself, nor any of my grown adult female friends wear band aids hanging out of our shoes. Be a real female and wear your shoes around the house to break them in, or use liquid bandage on your heels. Better yet, put some heel protectors in your shoes. It’s 2020. Grow up.

      1. Hi, I think you realize the idea of real female is annoying as that’s most often used as part of strict gender policing, to enforce conformism, us guys experience it because we fought back less against it, but we do. But I think in this case she, rightly or wrongly used it as a more neutral woman up in the sense of growing up, though “real female” is a strange way of phrasing it. Some misogynists say it’s mainly woman enforcing fashion norms one another, but talk about selective suppression (I’m italian, we’d say “rimozione”, “removal” which I find more appropriate talking about subconsciousness), what about when they tell each other gay, pansy, as insults for stepping out of very narrow fashion boundaries and that a “real man” wouldn’t wear it or a “real man” wouldn’t do this and that?
        But it seems a straw photo to me, most of the times the bandaids I saw were barely visible, hanging out like that can be a unfortunate result of wearing off after a long time wear or glue not working for a combination of factor, my only reaction as boy* is at most like poor girl, looks a bit awkward but it’s hopefully a once in life or once in a bluemoon very transitory circumstance, not her dailybasis :). It reminded me of this humorous picture
        It happens to me when in summer, with shorts I wear loafers, at least the first times because I’m used to socks. When I have problems I put on ankle socks, but past July in hot weather I don’t like socks that much, so I go for some bandaids or just wear sandals, then feet get used and I wear them normally. Seems like there’s more expectation toward women to not wear socks even when it can help.
        I think fashion is art and I understand your point about tackiness, but I dunno if shaming, I mean pressure perceived as shaming, can help “tacky” people improve their style, the risk is being perceived as annoying and stuckup over fashion, if you accept a well meaning critique, which if you don’t mean to offend and don’t want the target of your criticism to feel offended, why should you :)? Well it might be tough love, I assume you want to help, but I don’t know, doesn’t tacky means of bad taste? It’s usually deliberate, not sort of forced by necessity like wearing a bandaid would be, you can say maybe unconvenient, like on another level, orthopedic shoes, they might be not tacky, but unconvenient.
        Tacky, I might be wrong, would be a deliberate choice, though often a uninformed one, of a person who didn’t develope neither a personal taste, nor has the guidance to follow some basic rules to start with and then maybe detour from, but often betrays a failed effort at following trends, at times followed by a presumptuous conviction and judgemental attitude, but with no other critical instruments to put them together.
        Profiling this person might turnout classist as some of them might be coming from rural zones which don’t want to be “passè” or “demode” and have a complex of appearing as “one from the city” and to do so, they put together elements supposedly conveying a fashionable status, like clothes, real or knockoffs with famous logos exibited, but no sense of fitting, etc. Misinterpretation of tips. But it’s not being stupid, it’s maybe doing something stupid.
        If you are glam, you want to help these, people, appearing judgemental can appear tacky as it is tacky and not stylish. And I’m sure you wanted to help.
        *Was about to type guy, but then thought why is reductive for men to say boy, while you can type girl in the next breath.

        1. I said what I said. Visible band aids hanging out of your shoes is tacky. There are so many other inexpensive options that serve the same purpose while being fashion forward, and without being TACKY. Examples being liquid bandages, heel protectors and invisible socks as others mentioned in the comments. The purpose of this post was to provide a fashion forward tip which is one of the reasons my readers visit this blog. If you do not agree, then it’s your choice to do as you’d like. However, writing an entire essay stating your opinion isn’t going to change mine. Thanks for commenting though.

  8. Some bandages look fine, if not completely visible and in tone with the skin, but if you need too many, might as well wear ankle socks, they might protect more :).

  9. Ah bandaids.I do wear them on my feet when needed especially when breaking in new flats.
    I find that normal and that is for what they are,although i try to hide them in my shoes so that they are not that much visible.
    I think some of us have more softer feet and normally they are more prone to blisters and little cuts that flats and heels usually give us

  10. Look,my GF wears them i can tell you that.
    I seen bandaids on her feet many times barefoot in the apartment or when she takes her shoes off.
    Sometimes i can see one or two bandaids sometimes many on both feet and i understand that.
    I mean i find it normal for yall females;always getting blisters from those different shoes you wear.
    Dont stress too much aabout it,i know you all can have pretty feet when you want.

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