E.L.F. Studio 10 Pc. Brush Collection and Blush Brush Review

I ordered the E.L.F. Studio 10 Pc. Brush Collection during the 50% off Studio items sale. I must admit that I am blown away!

After reading so many rave reviews, I went ahead and ordered the E.L.F. Studio 10 Pc. Brush Collection and Blush brush from eyeslipsface.com during the 50% off Studio items sale. I must admit that I am blown away! I have already owned a few of their brushes from the regular line for a few years, and they are very good quality for the cheap price. However, the quality of the Studio line brushes are amazing. They look so professional and are so soft and sturdy.   I can’t believe I got 11 GREAT quality brushes for $23.45 shipped… what a steal!

“This is the full 10 piece studio brush collection. These are the new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brushes that are softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with these e.l.f. studio brushes! The set includes: Small Smudge Brush, Complexion Brush, Powder Brush, Fan Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, Contour Brush, Eyeshadow “C” Brush, Small Precision Brush, Concealer Brush and the Small Angled Brush. *Vegan Friendly”

-E.L.F. Cosmetics

Fresh out of the packs

The E.L.F Studio line brushes are beautiful to look at. You would not believe that they retail for only $3 USD each. They have a professional looking black on black design with a hard plastic black handle, black metal ferrule and black synthetic Taklon bristles. The name of the individual brushes are imprinted on the handle for ease of use. Each brush came packaged in a sealed plastic/foil with a ziplock, except for the blush brush which came in a typical drugstore brush packaging. The larger brushes had a plastic covering over the bristles. Fresh out of the pack the brushes had a strong chemical smell. I washed them with my Cetaphil facial cleanser and it took the stinch right out.  There was no shedding while washing to my surprise, and the brushes dried soft and fluffy. The pics below are after the brushes had been washed and dried over night. A few have been used already where indicated.


I really like this brush a lot. It is not too dense yet not too soft and the perfect size.  I used it to apply my NYX blush in Cocoa and if you own NYX blushes, you know that they are very pigmented. The brush picked up just the right amount of powder and blended well. I can see myself using this brush for Bronzer application as well.


This brush seems to be the top pick from the collection and has a cult following. I definitely understand why! The bristles are nice and fluffy with the perfect density, and the brush has a flat top making it perfect for buffing and blending powders of all types. I used this to apply my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder and the results were flawless. It gave me great coverage, blended the powder in well with leftover concealer lines and gave me a very natural finish. I love this brush and will be getting a few more!


This brush is very soft and the bristles are very long.  I think it would be perfect for applying a highlight to the cheekbones, bronzers or even blush.  However, I do not believe it is dense enough to apply powder foundation unless you are trying to achieve light coverage.

Angled Foundation

This brush is intended to be used to apply liquid foundation. I do not use liquid foundation so I can not give my opinion as to if this brush will work well or not. However, in my case I believe this brush would be perfect for applying and blending concealer to larger areas such as around the nose and under the eyes.


This brush is very soft and not very dense. It’s purpose is to sweep away fall out from loose products such as eyeshadows and pigments, and it is designed well enough to serve it’s purpose.  You can also use it to sweep on a soft wash of color for highly pigmented blushes.  I am going to try this with my NARS Exhibit A blush.

Eyeshadow “C”

The “C” Eyeshadow brush from the original collection is definitely the most popular E.L.F. brush and this one gets just as much love. It is pretty much the same brush with a design upgrade and a slightly higher price tag.  It is compared a lot to MAC’s 239 brush.  It is the perfect size and has the perfect density to do a wash of color on the lid.  I used this to do a wash of MAC Satin Taupe e/s all over my lid and it was perfect. The brush picked up just the right amount of shadow and spread it nice and even. I know I am going to need to pick up a few more of these babies.


This brush is perfect for defining the outer V and blending shadows into the crease. I used it for this purpose with MAC Espresso and the brush blended it with the Satin Taupe well. However, I find the bristles to be a bit too short and the brush is not full enough.  It can still do a good job and serve it’s purpose, but you have to use a light hand or you can scratch your eyelids with the ferrule, which a lot of people seem to have done.  I have the blending brush from the original collection and I like it much better. This is my least favorite brush out of the entire collection.


This is a small concealer brush with very dense but flexible bristles.  I used it to apply my MAC Studio Finish concealer under my eyes and over some small blemishes.  It covered pretty well, I just had to use my fingers to blend a little better. Overall a pretty good concealer brush.

Small Angled

The bristles on this brush are the perfect length and density to apply gel and cream liners with precision.  I used it to apply NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Black Bean (potted) on my upper lash line and waterline and it had no problems at all, it applied so easily. It also works well for applying powder to the brows, I used it to shape my brows with MAC Espresso e/s, and for applying e/s on the lower lash line. Definitely will need a few more of these as well.

Small Precision

This brush is perfect for lining the waterline, applying shadows on the lower lash line and defining the inner V. Would also work well as a lip brush.

Small Smudge

This brush is perfect for using shadows as liner and would also work well for using gel and creme liners to line the waterline. This brush is very similar, almost the same as the small precision brush.

Well there you have it folks.  These are some great brushes for the price, make that great brushes period. Comparable and even better than some high end brushes, and only $3 each. I am very happy with my E.L.F. Studio Brush Collection and will be purchasing some more of their brushes.


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  1. After owning these brushes for a while I can say they also tend to become loose at the handles. Handles are made of wood and when wood dries, ferrule gets loose. A bit of glue will fix it.

    1. Thank you so much for the input. I had this problem with my E.L.F. brushes (not the studio collection). I put a little bit of Elmer’s wood glue in the ferrule, put it back together tightly and let it sit overnight. Never came lose again 🙂

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