tapered cut

Shaved Sides and Wash n' Go Fantasia Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection

Shaved Sides Will Be My Signature Look This Summer

Who would've thought that the chick who couldn't stand the shaved sides look would shave her sides. How ironic. That's why you should never say never.
glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist tapered cut type 4 hair

So Your Barber Butchered Your Tapered Cut? Book Me

If you're looking for a NYC Natural Hair Stylist to perfect your Tapered Cut, then you're in the right place. After mastering my own hair, I'm now taking clients. Come see my work and book your appointment...
Team Tapered Cut Not Letting My Natural hair Grow Long

I Have No Intention To Let My Natural Hair Grow Long. Here’s Why.

My original plan after the big chop was to let my 'fro grow big & full. And it did. Then I cut it off again. And I've been repeating this process every time it grows out. I've had an epiphany. Here's why I have no intention to let my natural hair grow long.
Big Chop Hair Clip Ins Tapered Cutvideo

How To Give Your Tapered Cut New Life With Natural Hair Clip Ins

New Hair. Who Dis. I tried something new and gave my Tapered Cut new life for Spring with some natural hair clip ins. Check out the tutorial!
Fresh Tapered Cut 4c Hair

Bringing In Spring With A Fresh Tapered Cut

The Tapered Cut is my signature look. No matter how much I try to stray, I always come back. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I styled my hair using...
Tapered Cut Tutorial on 4C hairvideo

DIY Tapered Cut Tutorial On 4C Natural Hair (Step-by-Step)

A step-by-step, DIY Tapered Cut Tutorial on 4C Natural Hair. This is how I cut my hair every time. Cutting your own hair is not as hard as you think!
Tapered Cut Fresh Trim

Keep Your Tapered Cut Fly & Fab with a Fresh Trim for the New Year

Stop holding on to split ends as they lead to thinning and damage. Bring in the new year with a fresh trim. Here's some tips for trimming your own natural hair at home...

Finger Coil Out Fauxhawk on Tapered TWA Tutorial

A Finger Coil Out Fauxhawk is my favorite way to style my 4c Tapered TWA. The style is edgy, funky, chic, super cute and so easy to achieve. Take a look!
DIY Tapered Cut Tools

DIY Tapered Cut Tools & Tips

A DIY Tapered Cut Guide to help you with cutting your own hair at home. I'm sharing the Tools that I use to cut my hair, along with Tips for a precise cut.
Perm Rod Set Tutorial on Tapered TWAvideo

Perm Rod Set on Tapered TWA Tutorial

Once again I tried something new on my hair, a Perm Rod Set. Check out my step-by-step Tutorial to learn how to create this style.
Bantu Knot Out Tutorialvideo

Bantu Knot Out on Tapered TWA Tutorial

The Bantu Knot Out is the perfect style for when your tapered cut starts to grow out and gain length. Check out my step-by-step tutorial to get the look.
Twist Out on Tapered TWAvideo

Twist Out on Tapered TWA Tutorial

The longer my hair gets, the more styling options I have. I'm now finally able to do a Twist Out on my Tapered TWA. Check out my easy tutorial.