DIY Pipe Clothing Rack

"DIY Pipe Clothing Rack"

No closet? No problem! Check out how I built a wardrobe rack for my son’s clothing using plumbing pipe. Yes that’s right, plumbing pipe. This project is so easy that my little man could have practically built it himself and it looks totally rugged and cool! Read on for a step by step tutorial with pictures to help you build your own
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Dress Your Best with a Well Organized Closet


I’m usually a clothing & shoe hoarder and find that I have a closet full of stuff yet nothing to wear. While doing my Spring sweep I decided to reorganize everything for a cleaner look and to make it easier for me to dress my best.
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Updated Makeup Storage: Ikea Helmer


If you follow my Instagram and Facebook Page you’ll know that I’ve been wanting to update my makeup storage. After researching for a few days I decided on the Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit.
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A Peek Into My Closet


I just finished cleaning out my closet and doing a bit of reorganizing so I thought that I would give you guys a sneak peek of the goodies in there. I have a lot of stuff compacted into a small space but somehow it manages to work. I can’t wait until the day that I
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DIY Lipstick Storage Idea

"Do It Yourself Lipstick Storage"

With my lipstick and lipgloss collection growing, I needed a new way to store it so that I can see everything at once when choosing a color. I previously stored it in drawers like this…

Trying to find something when I needed it took too long and I would
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