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My Beauty Corner

My Beauty Corner + How To Organize Your Makeup In A Small Space

My Beauty Corner is where all of my makeup magic & face beatings go down. Check it out, along with tips on how to organize your makeup in a small space.

How I Organize My Makeup Essentials

This Acrylic Stacking Tray is the perfect size for storing all of my makeup essentials, plus a little more. It makes finding what I need easy every day!
DIY Pipe Clothing Rack

DIY Pipe Clothing Rack

No closet? No problem! Check out how I built a pipe clothing rack for my son's clothing using plumbing pipe. Yes that's right, plumbing pipe!
Well Organized Small Closet

Dress Your Best with a Well Organized Closet

I'm usually a clothing & shoe hoarder and find that I have a closet full of stuff yet nothing to wear. While doing my Spring sweep I decided to reorganize everything for a cleaner look and to make it easier for me to dress my best.

Updated Makeup Storage: Ikea Helmer

I was running out of space in my sterilite drawer stacks and needed an upgrade. After researching for a few days, I decided on the Ikea Helmer.

A Peek Into My Closet

I just finished cleaning out my closet and doing a bit of reorganizing so I thought that I would give you guys a sneak peek of the goodies in there.
"Do It Yourself Lipstick Storage"

DIY Lipstick Storage Idea

With my lipstick and lipgloss collection growing, I needed a new way to store it so that I can see everything at once when...
"Shoe organization"

How Do You Organize Your Shoes?

I've always been a keep my shoes in the original box kind of girl. But I've got new storage now. Keep reading for ideas on how to organize your shoes.

Makeup Storage & Organization

I was going through my personal makeup collection doing some cleanup, and taking out items that I no longer want or use. I decided...

Check out my new Makeup Storage/Organization…

After I moved everything to the new storage and organized it, I realized how much stuff I have in my collection that has never been used. Since I could not see everything, I was using the same products over and over again. Now that I can find everything more easily, I plan to "shop" my collection more. Maybe this will cut back on my hauling (who am I kidding! lol)