Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

"sleek makeup garden of eden palette"

Happy Valentine’s Day Guys. Hope you all are having a beautiful day! Today I’m showing you the latest i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek Makeup, Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden Palette is nature inspired with rich earth tones in shades of brown, purple and green. It features 8 frost shades and 4 complimentary matte shades. If you love green eyeshadow then this ones for you…

I Finally Took The Plunge and Switched to the The Not So New Anymore MAC Palettes


I’ve been wanting to try the new MAC Pro Palettes since they were released but wasn’t feeling the price. The price has since dropped drastically and I decided to take the plunge. See my thoughts on the newer palettes and how they compare to the older and now discontinued ones.

The Kevyn Aucoin Essential Eye Shadow Set in Pallete #6 Really Makes Brown Eyes Pop

"Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Eyeshadow Set, Palette #6"

Something about green and purple eyeshadows just really make brown eyes pop. The Kevyn Aucoin Essential Eyeshadow Set in Palette #6 is filled with cool toned minty greens along with a popping purple, pearl white to highlight and soft black to define. All of the shades are silky smooth, easy to apply and blend and are very long lasting. It’s such a gorgeous palette!

Take Your Favorite Lipsticks On The Go with This Cute Purse Size Palette from Yaby

"yaby stackable palette"

I’m a big fan of Do It Yourself lipstick palettes, especially in the form of pans which doesn’t take up too much space and makes it easy to switch the order of shades. I recently moved all of my lipsticks in my MUA Kit to a pan form palette and couldn’t be happier. While creating that palette I also used a Yaby Stackable Set Palette to make a mini palette with some of the shades that I have in my kit but not in my personal collection . It’s so cute and fits right in the palm of my hand making it easy to throw into my purse and go!

DIY Lipstick Palette Using a Z Palette

"DIY Lipstick Palette using Z Palette"

I’m in the process of revamping my MUA Kit to condense it into smaller storage and was looking for a new way to store my lipsticks. While at The Makeup Show NYC I stopped at the Z Palette booth and saw the large palette and empty pans and figured that this would be perfect. Read more to see how I transformed the empty Z Palette into a beautiful custom lipstick palette