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Anastasia Contour Cream Kit Deep

Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products of 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products of 2015. The products that I loved in 2015, and plan to keep in heavy rotation in 2016.

10 Beauty Products that I loved in 2014 and will be using in 2015

It was another good year for me as far as keeping my beauty purchases to a minimum, especially makeup. I've been making a conscious effort to minimize my makeup stash by not really buying unless I need it and giving away what I don't use, but with new products coming in daily my stash is still ridiculous. With such a huge stash I tend to love products for a little while then toss them to the side when the next best thing comes along, but here are some of the products that I really loved last year and plan to continue using this year.

Fall/Winter 2014 Beauty Faves

As a member of Glam.com's Fall/Winter Beauty Board, I was sent over a selection of new and exciting beauty products carefully selected by the Glam Editorial Team to review for you guys. I've been thoroughly testing these products over the past few weeks and some of them has quickly gained faves status. Check them out...
favorite summer beauty products

Summer 2014 Beauty Faves

Usually I don't have to change up my beauty routine too much for Summer but this year my skin has really been acting out. I've been trying a few new skincare products to attempt to get my skin under control and found a few new favorites in the process. The rest of the products is stuff that I've tried and loved enough to add to my regular line up. All of these goodies have been in heavy rotation all Summer Long.

Current Faves: May 2014 Edition

Here are some of the products that I've been loving this month and last. A few are new items while others are oldies that I found in my stash. Shop your stash often, you never know what treasures you'll find.

Current Faves: March 2014 Edition

So I told you guys that one of the changes on The Glamorous Gleam would be revisiting the monthly favorites post in an effort to get in more reviews for products that I am currently loving without boring you or myself. To kick off this series here are my favorite products for the month of March.
Milani Favorite Products for Dark Skin

My Milani Faves for the Brown Skinned Beauties + Win them ALL to try...

Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands. They make high quality, highly pigmented products that can go head to head with some high end brands, that actually work for us brown skinned beauties with our different complexions and skin tones. Here are some of my favorite products along with a makeup look... and a chance to win them all to recreate the look at home.

10 Beauty Products that I loved in 2013 and will be using in 2014

I have to say that I did really good in 2013 and didn't buy much makeup or beauty products. I only purchased something when I truly needed it with an occasional splurge, which was very rare. I actually gave away and sold tons of makeup and nail polish and plan to purge my stash of even more items. I want to continue this practice in the new year, keeping my collection at a reasonable size and not making too many new purchases as I really need to use up some of what I already have. Anyway, as a beauty hoarder we tend to fall in love with products but replace them with the next best thing in the blink of an eye. Here are some products that I loved last year and plan to continue using this year.
"Beauty Faves Urban Decay Naked Palette"

Top 10 Beauty Faves of 2011

It was extremely hard for me to pick only 10 products as favorites for 2011 as a lot of my favorite products from 2010 are still my faves this year. So I decided that I would not do any repeats from last year to make it easier for me to choose. So here you go, my top ten favorite beauty products of 2011

Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products of 2010

I've found some pretty amazing products last year, a few of which I find myself reaching for all of the time... and a few...