In case you haven’t noticed, I have WAY too many lipsticks. To get the most out of my collection I’ve been pulling out lipsticks that don’t get enough love and trying to wear a different shade daily instead of sticking to my favorites. Today’s pick, MAC Impassioned.
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Dangerously in Love with MAC Lady Danger

"MAC Lady Danger Lipstick"

I have a serious problem. No matter how many different lipsticks I have in this type of shade I constantly seek out more. I love me a good orangey red lippie, the brighter the better. Lady Danger is a lipstick that I thought I didn’t need because I have a few very similar shades (ok more like dupes) but no matter how much I tell myself no I still wanted it. Since I had some empties I finally snatched it up through Back to MAC. Trust me I have no regrets as I’m in love. Dangerously in love.
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Black Opal's New Color Splurge Eyeshadows & Lipglosses are Bursting with Color and Totally Awesome

"Black Opal Color Splurge Collection"

The Black Opal Color Splurge Collection is a new collection that features a line of extremely pigmented eyeshadow duos and two lines of glosses, one richly hued and the other sparkly and iridescent. I received a few products from each line to show you guys so let’s start with the Color Surge Eyeshadow Duos. Warning in advance, this post is VERY picture heavy!
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MAC RiRi Boy Lipstick, An Up The Amp Dupe? Photos, Swatches & Comparison


The second installment of the Rihanna Hearts MAC Collection was released on June 18th and boy oh boy was it the talk of the town and quite the mess with the virtual waiting room and cancellation of “early orders”. Despite all of the drama I was able to order RiRi Boy, Heaux and another RiRi Woo. Let’s take a look at RiRi Boy…
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Nicka K Lipsticks: Amethyst & Lavender Tint

"Nicka k Lipsticks"

Nicka K Lipsticks has been around for years. If you walk in any beauty supply store, especially in NYC, you are almost sure to find the brand. Since they are only 99 cent, the cheap price may cause you to walk right past them as it seems too good to be true but no, no,
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