La Reina de Cancun

Cut Out Monokini

A tidbit of my trip to Cancun with lots of pictures and little words. My friend Gina gave us all nicknames for the trip and I was La Reina, hence La Reina de Cancun. Enjoy the pics!
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I Can't Believe That I Have a 13 Year Old + Our Trip to Tampa


Yes a 13 year old. My does time fly. I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday. His first birthday party. His first day of Kindergarten. Now my baby, wait let me rephrase that, my young man is 13 years old. Let me tell you all about how we celebrated his 13th birthday or rather show you with lots of pictures.
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Food Tasting at Ornella Trattoria

Ornella Trattoria Pasta Salad with Melon

I had the pleasure of attending a food tasting event at Ornella Trattoria, a lovely Italian Restaurant in the Astoria section of Queens… and let me tell you, they really know how to feed a girl! Check out my recap and review of some of the restaurants most popular dishes.
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5 Ways to Style Your TWA This Summer

TWA Finger Coil Out

As I approach my six month natural hair anniversary, it has dawned on me that my TWA is pretty versatile. I know a lot of people choose to do the Big Chop in the Summer months, so I am here with some style inspiration for your twa featuring the styles that I’ve been wearing on my own.
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Get Into That Alo Pure African Ivory Shea Butter

Alo 100% Pure Raw African Ivory Shea Butter

If you don’t use Shea Butter in your beauty routine then you are truly missing out. Shea Butter is loaded with nutrients that are very beneficial to skin and hair. It protects, moisturizes, heals and even acts as a natural sunscreen. Alo 100% Pure Raw African Ivory Shea Butter is my new best friend this Summer, I just can’t get enough.
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