Save the Undies & Your Spring Outfits with U by Kotex + Free Samples

u by kotex pads

I tend to be paranoid when it comes to my period. I remember in junior high school during my first period, I had a very visible accident and my grandmother had to bring me a change of clothes. I was beyond embarrassed. Ever since then I wouldn’t wear light colors during that time of the month, but not anymore. I’m saving my undies and my Spring outfits with U by Kotex.
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Rocksbox Review + Free Month For You

rocksbox review

I am a strong believer that accessories can make or break an outfit. My personal style is simple yet chic and I love to accessorize with makeup, shoes, bags and of course jewelry. Thing is, I don’t buy as much jewelry as I used to since I find that I get tired of pieces quick and they sit and collect dust until I give them away. Rocksbox is the perfect solution.
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Japonesque Pro Performance Lipstick & Lacquer

japonesque pro performance lipstick

Color-drenched long lasting lipstick. The Japonesque Pro Performance Lipstick is super saturated, creamy and moisturizing. It feels light and buttery on the lips and the velvet formula glides on smooth for a voluptuous finish.
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scentbird review

Ever fall in love with a perfume, buy a huge bottle and after a few weeks the novelty wears off and you can’t stand the scent anymore? It then ends up in your perfume graveyard with the others, sitting there collecting dusk until you decide to give it some play again…which may be years…or maybe never. This has happened to me way too many times. In comes Scentbird.
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5 Things I’ve Learned About Natural Hair Since Doing the Big Chop

Finger Coils on TWA 4C

It’s been two months since I did the big chop and I’ve been learning a lot about my hair and natural hair in general. I did my research beforehand but there is nothing like hands on experience. Here are some things that I’ve learned that’s been helping me along the way on my natural hair journey.
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