Target Xhilaration Embroidered Bikini

5 Things I’m Doing To Prepare For Swimsuit Season

It's said that Summer bodies are made in the Winter, but it's never too late to work on them body goals. Here's what I'm doing to prepare for swimsuit season.
pescatarian shrimp scampi

That Pescatarian Life

I've been practicing a Pescatarian diet for almost a month now and although I thought that it would be hard, it has actually been easy. Over the last year or so I've been doing my best to eat as healthy and clean as possible, and also watching what I put on my body and in my hair. This is why I decided to eliminate all meat from my diet.
Angel by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra

The Sports Bra That Has Me Wanting To Toss The Rest of My Sports...

Since I'm on the IBTC I always thought that I could wear any old sports bra and it wouldn't matter. I figured that I didn't need anything special like extra support or any other special features but boy was I wrong. When it comes to sports bras regardless of size you need all the support that you can get
Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

I can't even tell you how many times over the past few years that I've tried this diet and that to lose a few pounds and gone right back to my same old tricks after I did. Since I've turned 30 my metabolism has changed and I can't eat like I used to without putting on weight. But the thing is, eating the way I used to was not healthy at all.
plan b morning after pill no age restriction

Is It Good For The Plan B Morning After Pill Not To Have Age...

The debate over Plan B has been going on for a long while and it will continue to be a very heated topic of discussion. If you don't know what Plan B is, Plan B One-Step also known as the "Morning After Pill" is a form of emergency contraception that reduces the chances of pregnancy after unprotected sex when used within 72 hours, the sooner the better. Plan B was available over the counter to women 17 years of age and older with proper identification, no prescription needed. If you were 16 and younger you needed a prescription in order to have access to the pill. That was until yesterday.
MAC Ruby Woo

Red Lips for National Wear Red Day

Today is the 10th Annual National Wear Red Day, a movement created to raise awareness that Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women and to promote heart health in women and in general. Every year millions of men and women come together and wear red in support of the movement. I am supporting by wearing one of my favorite Red lipsticks, MAC Ruby Woo.
"Spicy Subscriptions Review"

Spicy Subscriptions, The Subscription Box for the Grown Folks

So I know this is a little different from the norm around here but a healthy love life plays a huge part in our well being, oh and our beauty with that gorgeous natural glow you'll be sporting. Spicy Subscriptions is a new monthly subscription box service with samples of love and intimacy products including toys, massage oils, lubricants and even beauty products hand picked from the company's Spice Shop. I was sent the September "Dress Down" Box which places emphasis on the bath & body product line as well as lubricants and massage oils. Let's see what's in the box

Whip That Figure Into Shape with My Fitness Pal

I know I totally fell off the wagon with the Health & Wellness post around here and that's because I fell off in general. Late last year I was determined to lose a few pounds to get back to a weight that I was comfortable with. I started eating a bit healthier and did Wii Fit a few times a week to help lose the weight. I dropped 4 lbs and reached my goal weight of 150 lbs and I was happy. Then I was right back up to my old tricks
"Natures Way Alive Once Daily Womens Multi Vitamin-Ultra Potency"

Don’t Forget To Take Your Vitamins, Especially Vitamin D

Recent studies show that many people who live in the Northern Hemisphere are Vitamin D deficient due to lack of sunlight and don't even...
"Wii Fit Plus Routine"

Get Fit Quick: My Wii Fit Plus Routine

Yesterday I went to my doctor to get my annual physical and learned that I gained a whopping 13 lbs over the last year....