Sprinkling A Little Black Girl Magic @ Bodega Negra

Black Jumpsuit White Blazer Otfit

I had an amazing birthday dinner with some of my closest girls at Bodega Negra. Delicious food, strong drinks and an overall great time. Check out my recap with lots of pics!
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Burger & Lobster with a side of Dough

Burger & Lobster NYC Burger Review

Burger & Lobster is my current favorite restaurant and I don’t think I’ll tire of it anytime soon. I absolutely love their lobster roll, especially when washed down with a doughnut from Dough.
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A Day in LA

GlamMzMore TCL Chinese Theater

Last week I flew out to LA to work on a special project. I can’t share the details of the project yet but I can’t wait tell you guys all about it. Until then, here is a recap of my trip. Considering travel time, I only spent one day in LA and half of that day was spent working… but I did get to go out to Hollywood Boulevard and be a tourist for a few hours lol
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Birthday Behavior @ TAO Downtown

GlamMzMore TAO Downtown NYC

On Saturday I had a small birthday dinner with some of my closest girls at NYC Hot Spot, TAO Downtown. The place was absolutely beautiful and the food and drinks were delicious. I had an amazing time.
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I Can't Believe That I Have a 13 Year Old + Our Trip to Tampa

Yes a 13 year old. My does time fly. I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday. His first birthday party. His first day of Kindergarten. Now my baby, wait let me rephrase that, my young man is 13 years old. Let me tell you all about how we celebrated his 13th birthday or rather show you with lots of pictures.
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