pretty for a dark skinned girl
You're pretty for a dark skinned girl. I've been hearing this all of my life. It's not a compliment. In fact it's quite insulting, and I'm about tired of it. I didn't always find this statement to be insulting though. That's because I didn't love myself. Let me explain.
Malaville Dolls
Dolls with multiple shades of beautiful brown skin and different textures of gorgeous kinky curly hair? Yes please. Model Mala Bryan created Malaville Dolls to fill the void that was missing in her personal doll collection- dolls that actually look like her, and a lot of the rest of us brown skinned beauties.
Maria Bourges Natural Hair Victoria's Secret
Angolan supermodel Maria Bourges walked for the third time in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but this time around she proudly rocked her natural hair... and she's the first to do so.
Michael July AFROS
AFROS is an oversized, bright and colorful coffee table book filled with vibrant images of gorgeous people rocking their natural hair. Each person has a story to tell, and it is so easy to sit down and become totally engrossed for hours. If you were thinking about returning to natural, you would have no doubts after just browsing through AFROS. If you are transitioning, you'll want to big chop immediately. It's that powerful.
Lena Horne African-American singer, actress and dancer. She paved the way for so many who would come after her by helping to break down the race barriers in the entertainment industry. Beautiful, talented and courageous, she will truly be missed.
Haiti really needs all of our help at this devastating time. If you have been watching the news footage than you must feel as heartbroken as I do. You can text YELE to 501501 to donate $5. It will automatically be added to your next months phone bill. This...