Solo Summer Cocktails


As much as I enjoy going out with my girls and having drinks in the Summer months, sometimes I just want to curl up on my couch and wind down with a solo cocktail after a long day. Alizé makes it easy for me me to whip up something fruity and delicious in seconds since it’s made to just twist, pour over ice and serve or mix in refreshingly bright cocktails. Just my my type of Summer drink!
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That Pescatarian Life

pescatarian shrimp scampi

I’ve been practicing a Pescatarian diet for almost a month now and although I thought that it would be hard, it has actually been easy. Over the last year or so I’ve been doing my best to eat as healthy and clean as possible, and also watching what I put on my body and in my hair. This is why I decided to eliminate all meat from my diet.
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Beauty & The Bag Recap

Erica Moore The Glamorous Gleam Beauty & The Bag

This past Saturday, I hosted Beauty & The Bag at Vedazzling Accessories in Dumbo along with makeup mogul Vera Moore of Vera Moore Cosmetics, handbag architect Wilbur Pack Jr. of SK WiLBUR and Vedazzling’s owner Velvet Lattimore. It was a fun filled afternoon of beauty, shopping and cocktails. Check out the recap!
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La Reina de Cancun

Cut Out Monokini

A tidbit of my trip to Cancun with lots of pictures and little words. My friend Gina gave us all nicknames for the trip and I was La Reina, hence La Reina de Cancun. Enjoy the pics!
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I Can't Believe That I Have a 13 Year Old + Our Trip to Tampa


Yes a 13 year old. My does time fly. I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday. His first birthday party. His first day of Kindergarten. Now my baby, wait let me rephrase that, my young man is 13 years old. Let me tell you all about how we celebrated his 13th birthday or rather show you with lots of pictures.
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