La Reina de Cancun

Cut Out Monokini

A tidbit of my trip to Cancun with lots of pictures and little words. My friend Gina gave us all nicknames for the trip and I was La Reina, hence La Reina de Cancun. Enjoy the pics!
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DIY Ripped Denim


I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of washed out black, high waisted, ripped jeans for what seems like ages with no luck, so I decided to make my own. I used an old pair of jeans that had the fit that I was looking for and worked my magic. It was super easy, let me show you
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Maxi with the Splits


Because I have a thing for black dresses and random iPhone photo shoots with graffiti backgrounds.
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Little Black Skater Dress


Every girl needs at least one Little Black Dress in her closet, and you can’t go wrong with a skater style.
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Nude Attitude

Lulu's honeycomb skater dress

No matter how much I try to hide it, my mood is always written all over my face. I had a major attitude when I took these pictures and it shows. I was getting frustrated with the on and off again rain and it was almost time for me to leave my Mommy and head back home, so I was not in a good mood. Nonetheless, I like how the pics came out (minus the mean mug lol) and I wanted to show you guys what I wore for Mother’s Day.
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