What I Wore

Summer To Fall Transitional Outfit
I rely on accessories heavily during the Summer to Fall transitional season when the weather can be pretty inconsistent. Here are my favorites.
It's Okay To Look Basic #NYFW
Fashion is an expression of ones personal style. Not everyones personal style is over the top. Some people like to look basic. And that's okay.
How To Wear Adidas Samba Rose
Leisure time is an important part of self care. Try these back to school hacks to help you stay healthy & active while making the most of your free time!
No Matter How You Feel Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up & Fight The Funk
Fight the Funk. Put the sweats away and dress up. Go out and have fun. It's amazing how the little things can have such a big impact on your mood!
Zurilee Bake + Salt Fish Pie Review
Bake & Salt Fish Pizza? Where they do that at? ZuriLee Pizza Bar is where. Come and see what other Caribbean inspired wood-fired pies the restaurant serves.
The Tropic Isle Living It Starts With Us Retreat in Ocho Rios Jamaica was so lit. Come see for yourself... I took lots of photos and filmed my 1st vlog!
Allow me to reintroduce myself Glammzmore The Glamorous Gleam
I don't know if you guys have noticed, but there's been a gradual shift in focus on The Glamorous Gleam. Allow me to reintroduce myself...
Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC Review
Ice Cream & Instagram Lovers rejoice. The Pint Shop NYC is fabulously colorful with LOTS of photo ops. Oh, they sell pints of ice cream too. Come see...
Beautyblender Bounce Foundation Pop Up NYC
I had so much fun playing with the new Beautyblender Bounce Foundation at the Bodega Pop Up Shop last night. But we need to address these deep shades...
LA Trip Rodeo Drive
Now you can't visit LA without visiting Beverly Hills. It's a must do. Here's how we spent the afternoon in Beverly Hills on our 5th and final day in LA.
How To Wear A Waist Bag
We are our own worst critics. This is something that I've really come to realize this year. I was being extremely hard on myself and had to take a step back, really look at my accomplishments, and clap for myself. Here's why you should clap for yourself...
polka dot pencil skirt outfit
Polka dots can look a bit juvenile if not done right. Since polka dot print is trending for Spring, here's some tips on how to wear it without looking like a five year old.