All Black Women-Owned Everything Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide featuring products from black women-owned businesses. Almost everything is under $25 so you won’t break the bank.

Break Your Personal Glass Ceiling With Lifestyle Resolutions

I’m ditching New Year’s Resolutions for Lifestyle Resolutions as a baby step toward breaking my personal glass ceiling.

How I’m Giving Back This Holiday Season & How You Can Give Back Too

We must think about the less fortunate this holiday season and give back to our communities however we can. Here’s how I’m giving back & how you can too.

5 Reasons Why I Won’t Quit My Day Job (Right Now)

I’ve noticed a trend lately of Influencers quitting their day jobs. So I’m sharing why I wont quit my day job as a view from the other side of the table.

How To Purge & Organize Your Small NYC Closet (And Keep It That Way)

This is how I keep my small NYC closet organized & in sync. I’m sharing with you so that you may experience the bliss I feel when getting dressed.

How To Do All The Things When You Don’t Have As Many Hours In A Day As Beyonce

You absolutely don’t have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. But I’m going to teach you how to do all the things and make the most of YOUR day.

This Is 36 | Birthday Gatherings @ MangoSeed & Cafe Rue Dix

I celebrated my 36th birthday last weekend and the vibe was totally different this year. I kept it chill at two local black owned spots. Here’s the deets…

3 Fall 2018 Fashion Trends That Will Elevate Your Minimalist Style

There’s nothing like the cool crisp air and the return of pumpkin spice everything. But I’m most excited for these Fall 2018 Fashion Trends. Get into them.

The Accessories You Need To Transition From Summer To Fall

I rely on accessories heavily during the Summer to Fall transitional season when the weather can be pretty inconsistent. Here are my favorites.