Little Royal Blue Dress

Royal Blue Dress Outfit

Right behind a little black dress, my favorite is a little royal blue dress. I feel like royalty when I wear royal blue. It’s just something about the way the shade looks against my skin that I love.
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How To Wear A Headwrap To Work

How To Wear a Headwrap to Work

Are headwraps inappropriate in the workplace? How do you wear a headwrap to work? I wear headwraps to work all the time. Most days this is how I wear mine.
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So Fresh and So Clean JHS Prom Outfit

teen boy fashion

Your child doesn’t have to wear a traditional prom outfit. Give them the creative freedom to come up with a look that suits their personal style and taste. My son is really coming into his own style and didn’t want to do the typical tux for his junior high school prom, so I helped him to orchestrate this outfit.
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Elevate Your Summer Style With The Headwrap

Leopard Print Headwrap Outfit

Take your style to the next level with the headwrap. The look is so bomb, stylish and afrocentric. You’ll fall in love and want to wear them all the time.
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Monotone Outfit

I love a good monotone outfit. Even more so when the colors are almost an exact match. It looks so pulled together without much effort. Like wearing a suit.
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