Perm Rod Set on Tapered TWA Tutorial

Once again I tried something new on my hair, a Perm Rod Set. Check out my step-by-step Tutorial to learn how to create this style.

Bantu Knot Out on Tapered TWA Tutorial

The Bantu Knot Out is the perfect style for when your tapered cut starts to grow out and gain length. Check out my step-by-step tutorial to get the look.

Twist Out on Tapered TWA Tutorial

The longer my hair gets, the more styling options I have. I’m now finally able to do a Twist Out on my Tapered TWA. Check out my easy tutorial.

How I Refresh My Finger Shingles (So They Last For 2 Weeks)

This tutorial features my morning routine that I use to keep my Finger Shingles looking fresh for up to two weeks. It’s very simple and easy.

Shingling Method on TWA Tutorial

The Shingling Method is my new favorite way to style my TWA. It gives my 4C coils so much definition. Watch my video tutorial to see how to create the style!

Finger Coils on TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) Tutorial

My current favorite hairstyle is Finger Coils. It’s the perfect protective style when the hair is too short for other styles. This is how I do mine…

After The Big Chop: How I Style My TWA (Tutorial)

I told you guys that I would try to film a tutorial to show you how I’ve been styling my hair. This is pretty much how I style my TWA after washing it.

Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial: Metallic Eyes + Bold Lips

Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial featuring a neutral metallic smokey eye with bold lips. This look will work for any occasion though.

Get Ready With Me: Girl’s Night Out Makeup, Hair & Outfit

I went out partying with the girl’s this weekend, so I decided to do my first Get Ready With Me video while I was pulling myself together. Check it out…