Natural Hair

Carol's Daughter Coco Creme Collection Goddess Locs Prep
I used the Carol's Daughter Coco Creme Collection to prepare my hair for the installation of Goddess Locs. Here's how it went...
Shaved Sides and Wash n' Go Fantasia Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection
Who would've thought that the chick who couldn't stand the shaved sides look would shave her sides. How ironic. That's why you should never say never.
Shiny Wash n' Go With Fantasia IC Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collectionvideo
I definitely need to wash my hair this weekend. Usually I dread the process, but shaved sides and a Wash n' Go makes things easier. Lately I've been using the Fantasia IC Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection for my Wash n' Go. Check out my tutorial to see how I use the collection to style my hair.
glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist tapered cut type 4 hair
If you're looking for a NYC Natural Hair Stylist to perfect your Tapered Cut, then you're in the right place. After mastering my own hair, I'm now taking clients. Come see my work and book your appointment...
Team Tapered Cut Not Letting My Natural hair Grow Long
My original plan after the big chop was to let my 'fro grow big & full. And it did. Then I cut it off again. And I've been repeating this process every time it grows out. I've had an epiphany. Here's why I have no intention to let my natural hair grow long.
Big Chop Hair Clip Ins Tapered Cutvideo
New Hair. Who Dis. I tried something new and gave my Tapered Cut new life for Spring with some natural hair clip ins. Check out the tutorial!
Palmer's Natural Fusions Collection 4C Tapered TWA
The Palmer's Natural Fusions Collection was created for the naturalista that likes to make DIY hair concoctions, but may not be sure what product combos work best together. I took the products for a spin on wash day. Here's my thoughts...
Fresh Tapered Cut 4c Hair
The Tapered Cut is my signature look. No matter how much I try to stray, I always come back. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I styled my hair using...
Fab Finger Coils Tutorial With Fantasia Haircarevideo
Need some weekend hair inspiration? Check out my fabulous Finger Coils Tutorial featuring some products from Fantasia Haircare.
The LOC Method 4C Hair
I've been styling my hair using the LOC Method faithfully since my big chop, and it never fails. Here are some of my favorite product combinations that play nicely together without flaking...
7 Oils You Need In Your Beauty Arsenal
Adding these oils to your beauty arsenal will help you to eliminate a lot of products loaded with unhealthy chemicals. They'll even do a better job. Here's how to use them...
Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Strong Roots Trio Review
My hair has grown out like wild weeds over the last few months. The only things I've been doing is using the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Strong Roots Trio consistently, and...