Bantu Knots Is The Perfect Protective Style & They Look So Cute!

Bantu Knots

As much as I love rocking my fro, protective styling is sometimes necessary to give the hair a break. One of my favorite protective styles is Bantu Knots. They look so cute & edgy!
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5 Simple Yet Cute Ways To Style Marley Twists

style marley twists side ponytail

It’s super easy to style Marley Twists. Here’s 5 simple yet cute ways I’ve been styling mine. Oh, and these styles will work for box braids as well.
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Fall Natural Hair Style Inspiration + My Haircare Routine featuring the Camille Rose Coconut Water Collection

Chrisette Michele Inspired Tapered TWA

Fall is officially here. With the cooler temps and dry air my hair needs a little bit more TLC then it did in the Summer months, especially as a 4c naturalista. This is my first Fall with natural hair and I’ve noticed that my hair requires a lot more moisture, and it retains that moisture better when I use heavier products that really penetrate. In comes the Camille Rose Coconut Water Collection. I’ve been using it to create all of these styles on my TWA.
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5 Ways to Style Your TWA This Summer

TWA Finger Coil Out

As I approach my six month natural hair anniversary, it has dawned on me that my TWA is pretty versatile. I know a lot of people choose to do the Big Chop in the Summer months, so I am here with some style inspiration for your twa featuring the styles that I’ve been wearing on my own.
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5 Protective Hairstyles To Rock This Summer

box braids

I know that Spring has just sprung, but Summer will be here before you know it. I love protective hairstyles for Summer. When it comes time to partake in all of the outdoor fun including barbecues and vacations you want to be able to get up and go without having to fuss over your hair. Here are a few protective hairstyles that will work for all types of hair.
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