My Natural Hair Loves The SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Line TWA

It’s been just about 8 months since I’ve started my natural hair journey and it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I’ve learned so much about my hair and tried tons of products, some of which have been amazing and others complete failures. One brand that has been consistently great to my hair and hasn’t failed me yet is SheaMoisture, and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection is my absolute favorite.
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Wknd Shenanigans: IDDC 4th Anniversary Bash, Curlfest & Tacos, Tequila n' Trap

GlamMzMore Curlfest 2015

I had an extremely busy and fun filled weekend, this might have been the busiest of the Summer. Here’s a tid bit on how it went down with some pics to let it marinate.
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The Other Accessory For Your TWA

TWA Statement Necklace

I love me some earrings, the bigger the better. Throw in an eccentric pattern and some color, and I’m all over it. When I was planning the big chop my first thought was that I’m going to need a ton of big earrings to accessorize so that I won’t look like a boy. Since I tend to keep my accessories to a minimum I never really thought about using statement necklaces but that has since changed.
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Twist Out on Tapered TWA Tutorial

Twist Out on Tapered TWA

My hair has been growing like wild weeds and I did not realize that I had so much hair on my head. The longer it gets, the more styling options I have and I’m finally able to do a defined Twist Out on my TWA. Check out the Tutorial.
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If You Need Some Inspiration To Help You Embrace Your Natural Hair, Then Michael July's AFROS Is For You

Michael July AFROS

AFROS is an oversized, bright and colorful coffee table book filled with vibrant images of gorgeous people rocking their natural hair. Each person has a story to tell, and it is so easy to sit down and become totally engrossed for hours. If you were thinking about returning to natural, you would have no doubts after just browsing through AFROS. If you are transitioning, you’ll want to big chop immediately. It’s that powerful.
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