5 Protective Hairstyles To Rock This Summer

faux locs

I know that Spring has just sprung, but Summer will be here before you know it. I love protective hairstyles for Summer. When it comes time to partake in all of the outdoor fun including barbecues and vacations you want to be able to get up and go without having to fuss over your hair. Here are a few protective hairstyles that will work for all types of hair.
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5 Things I’ve Learned About Natural Hair Since Doing the Big Chop

Finger Coils on TWA 4C

It’s been two months since I did the big chop and I’ve been learning a lot about my hair and natural hair in general. I did my research beforehand but there is nothing like hands on experience. Here are some things that I’ve learned that’s been helping me along the way on my natural hair journey.
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Free Spirit

dauphines of new york free spirit headband

I am totally in love with my hair and fall deeper in love everyday. I am so glad that I was brave enough to do the big chop and I have no regrets at all. As Spring rolls in and my hair grows out I plan to start accessorizing my twa with headbands, so I was excited to receive this one from Dauphines of New York. This headband is called Free Spirit which is very fitting as that’s exactly how I feel since my big chop, like a free spirit.
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Finger Coils on TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) Tutorial


My current favorite hairstyle is finger coils. It serves as the perfect protective style for the teeny weeny afro stage when your hair may still be too short for braids, twists and other protective styles that require a few inches of hair. Here is a tutorial on how I create my Finger Coils.
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After The Big Chop: How I Style My TWA


I told you guys in my post about the products that I’m using on my natural hair that I would try to film a tutorial to visually show you how I’ve been styling it, and I did. This is pretty much how I style my hair after washing it.
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