Radiant Skin is Spring’s Best Accessory


There is no accessory more gorgeous for Spring (or anytime of year for that matter) than glowing, radiant skin. Achieving radiant skin naturally takes a lot of work including exfoliating regularly, toning, moisturizing, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of beauty rest, but while you’re working on your natural glow you can fake it until you make it with the right makeup.

Flat Out Fabulous

"MAC Flat Out Fabulous"

I’ve been trying to get my hands on this shade since the Retro Mattes Collection was released and every time it was sold out. I figured that I would try again since I had some empties laying around, so I headed over to the MAC Flagship Store in Times Square and lo and behold there was one left. The makeup gawds finally answered my prayers and after waiting all of this time Flat Out Fabulous does not disappoint. I decided to take it out for a spin this weekend.

Spring Dreaming


I don’t know about you guys but I am so over Winter. We are experiencing yet another snow storm in NYC and call me crazy but I don’t remember ever getting this much snow in the city. It seems as if it’s snowing every week and I am tired of it. I can’t wait for Spring and although it’s still a few months away I’ve been pulling out some of my favorite lipsticks for the season to brighten my spirits. Today’s pick is Nicka K Lavender Tint.

Dangerously in Love with MAC Lady Danger

"MAC Lady Danger Lipstick"

I have a serious problem. No matter how many different lipsticks I have in this type of shade I constantly seek out more. I love me a good orangey red lippie, the brighter the better. Lady Danger is a lipstick that I thought I didn’t need because I have a few very similar shades (ok more like dupes) but no matter how much I tell myself no I still wanted it. Since I had some empties I finally snatched it up through Back to MAC. Trust me I have no regrets as I’m in love. Dangerously in love.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

"Pixie Cut"

I have absolutely no problem with chopping off my hair. It’s just hair and it will eventually grow back. It actually grows faster when you cut it, getting rid of dead and damaged ends. I’ve been trying to keep my pixie cut at longer lengths but truth be told I love it short, the shorter the better. So I gave myself a long awaited hair cut this weekend. It seems as if I always want my hair shorter in the dead of Winter when most people are trying to keep some hair on their head to keep warm. Crazy I know lol.