5 Tips To Help Manage Your Type 4c Hair

Type 4c hair is underrepresented and it can be hard to find info on how to properly take care of our hair. Here’s some tips to help you manage your 4c hair.

3 Face Oils For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Face Oils can rejuvenate your dry, dull and washed out Winter complexion for gorgeous, glowing skin right in time for Spring. Here are my favorites.

Why You Should Try A Bentonite Clay Mask

A Bentonite Clay Mask detoxifies the skin & hair by drawing out harmful toxins and impurities, leaving behind refreshed skin and hair.

DIY Tapered Cut Tools & Tips

A DIY Tapered Cut Guide to help you with cutting your own hair at home. I’m sharing the Tools that I use to cut my hair, along with Tips for a precise cut.

5 Things I’ve Learned About Natural Hair After A Year

After a year I’m now a little more seasoned as a Naturalista. Here’s some Natural Hair Tips to help make your first year after the big chop easy.

5 Natural Hair Pages You Should Be Following On The Gram

Natural Hair Instagram pages that provide information and inspiration, and will help you gain confidence in your natural hair.

5 Steps For A Super Defined Twist Out

I get a Super Defined Twist Out on my 4c hair every single time by simply following these 5 Steps. My hair retains moisture & definition for up to a week.

My Natural Hair Type & How To Determine Yours

It’s important to have an idea of your natural hair type to help you to figure out what products may work best for your hair, and for hairstyle inspiration.

5 Must Have Vamp Lipsticks for Winter

These vamp lipstick shades will keep you looking bold and beautiful in the below zero temps.