Create An Ice Cream Bar As Fancy As You Are At The Magnum NYC Pop Up Store

Magnum NYC Pop Up Store Review

One of my favorite parts of living in NYC is the seemingly endless stream of pop up shops. Especially in the summer months when ice cream is involved. I missed the seasonal ice cream pop ups last year. But made it my business to visit them this Summer. I already made my way to the Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop. This time around I went to the Magnum NYC Pop Up Store to create my own personalized ice cream bar.

Magnum NYC Pop Up Store Review

The Magnum NYC pop up store is so cozy and cute. There was no line when I visited on a Tuesday evening. But the velvet ropes outside is an indication of how crazy the line can be at times.

Magnum NYC Pop Up Store Review

I walked in, paid 8 bucks for my ice cream and headed to the bar to pick my toppings.

Magnum NYC Pop Up Shop

photo credit: Magnum NYC

The set up is similar to Chipotle or Dig Inn. All of the toppings are visible and you let your server know which ones you would like. You can choose up to three from about eighteen.

Magnum Create Your Own Bar Chocolate With Edible Roses

I started with a vanilla ice cream base dipped in dark chocolate. For my toppings I chose edible rose petals, dried cherries and dark chocolate pearls. I wanted gold flakes but they weren’t an option this year. Anyway, I finished off my custom ice cream bar with a drizzle of white chocolate. The finished masterpiece was almost too pretty to eat. But I demolished it after taking obligatory photos. I think I’m fittin’ to go back and make another as it was delicious.

Magnum NYC Pop Up Store Review

The Magnum NYC Store is located at 132 Spring St. and will be open through late August. You can also find a selection of Magnum ice cream at your local Target.


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