Quick & Easy Headwrap Tutorial for Beginners

I absolutely love wearing headwraps and they have become a staple in my wardrobe. I use headwraps on bad hair days. Or to simply spice up an outfit and add some flair. Sometimes I even use them to secretly deep condition my hair while out and about. Because who wants to sit in the house on a nice day. Check out this post to see how to elevate your style with headwraps, they’ll change your fashion life. You guys have been asking for a headwrap tutorial for a while now, so I’m finally delivering. This is a quick and easy, no-fail way to tie a headwrap for those of you new to wearing them, or those who like simplicity. I pretty much tie mine like this 99% of the time.

I hope you enjoyed my Quick & Easy Headwrap Tutorial.

Headwrap from uSHIND 22.


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