New Mascaras from Sleek Makeup, Lethal Length & Full Fat Lash


Sleek Makeup has released two new mascaras to their product line up, Lethal Length and Full Fat Lash Mascara. I was sent over a sample of both and have been testing them out for the past few weeks. Overall they are pretty decent.


Both mascaras come in a simple yet sleek black tube. I don’t know if it’s because I received samples or if all tubes are like this but neither of mine has the name of the mascara on it, just a number and shade on the bottom. I was only able to differentiate them by the difference in the brushes. Speaking of the brushes…

sleek makeup lethal length mascara

The Lethal Length Mascara has a two sided brush with short bristles to curl the lashes and longer bristles to fan them out creating clump free longer lashes. It didn’t add much length to my itsy bitsy lashes but it did give them more definition…


No Mascara

sleek makeup lethal length mascara one coat

one coat of Lethal Length

sleek makeup lethal length mascara two coats

two coats of Lethal Length

Although the mascara didn’t give my lashes lethal length, the mascara is indeed clump free and doesn’t flake. It also provides a nice curl. Now on to the Full Fat Lash Mascara…


First of all, I don’t know if I got a bad tube but every time I attempt to apply the Full Fat Lash Mascara this is how the brush looks when it comes out of the tube. It’s as if the stopper is missing and the brush is pulling out too much product. I have to clean the brush off every time and it’s quite annoying. When I do manage to get the brush clean this is what it looks like…

sleek makeup full fat lash mascara

The brush on the Full Fat Lash Mascara is designed to provide volume to even the smallest of lashes, giving the lashes a full and fat look. The mascara does provide nice volume but my tube is messed up so bad that it applies messy and clumpy…


No Mascara

sleek makeup full fat lash mascara one coat

one coat of Full Fat Lash Mascara

sleek makeup full fat lash mascara two coats

two coats of Full Fat Lash Mascara

Both mascaras come in one shade, Blackest Black. They are decent enough but not too much different than all of the other lengthening and volumizing mascaras with the cool brushes that you’ll find in the drugstore these days. But at a measly $8.99 each they are worth a try if you are already placing an order. You can purchase both at

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