Nicki Minaj for Kmart, Yup A Clothing Line


I guess after a makeup deal with MAC and a fragrance collection a clothing line should have eventually been expected from Rapper and former American Idol Judge, Nicki Minaj. She’s recently fired her stylist team and revamped her over the top and colorful style now opting for toned down pieces and more realistic hairstyles. So what would you expect to see in a clothing line from Ms Minaj? Take a look…

nicki minaj for kmart collection

Her new line for KMart and online retailer Shop Your Way features mostly body con dresses, cropped bustiers and colorful leggings but I did see a few cute everyday dresses in the mix. Minaj says the line is “Comfortable equals confident” and that “women no matter if they’re slim, or they’re thick or whatever can feel comfortable.” Minaj also says that she doesn’t want people to think that her line would only have crazy stuff because that would push them away and that she did this for women in general to feel beautiful and sexy, and that any woman can wear it and feel confident. I may just need to see more but from the looks of the pieces that I did see I think she has her target market confused. You be the judge, take a look at the video for a closer look at the collection…

So what do you think about Nicki Minaj for Kmart? See anything that you would wear?


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    MEhhhhhh lol. Dunno about this.

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