A Peek Into My Closet

I just finished cleaning out my closet and doing a bit of reorganizing so I thought that I would give you guys a sneak peek of the goodies in there. I have a lot of stuff compacted into a small space but somehow it manages to work. I can’t wait until the day that I have a walk in closet or better yet a small room to build a custom one. That would be so awesome. Anyway take a look…

From left to right the clothes are organized by cardigans and sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, skirts, slacks, jeans and then dresses. The bins on the left house various items. The smaller ones with the yellow lids has my accessories, the ones with the white lids stockings and socks, small grey one on top has belts and the big one on the bottom has Fall and Winter tops and sweaters.  It’s time to swap that one with my Summer clothes bin.

I use an over the door rack to hang some hats and bags and my top shelf is split between more bags and boots. I finally took the boots out of their boxes and lined them up there, and put a few on the top shelf of the shoe rack. So I am now completely shoebox free and even took the leap and recycled the boxes today, except for those of the unworn pairs and a few sturdy ones that could be used for DIY projects like the Bebe boxes. In the far right corner you can see my clutches piled up.

A couple of vests…

And my shoes. I cleared off a few pairs to make space for some new ones that I am lemming 😉 To the right of the shoe racks I have a few storage bags with sorority para and bikinis and a few pair of sneakers piled up. Oh, and my birthday shoes are hidden back there as well lol. All of my blazers, jackets and coats are stored in my front closet. There is no room in here for them or it would be extra tight. I plan to get some huggable hangers to further compact things. Geesh I need a bigger closet!


    • Thank you. I definitely needed to reorganize. With all of those shoes in boxes I totally forgot what I had. Didn’t realize I had so many and there were no many that I didn’t even want anymore, at least 10 pairs!

  1. Wow I love all the shoes…Being a college going back and forth I can never keep so many shoes..but one day lol but cute closet!

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