How Do You Organize Your Shoes?

I’ve always been a keep my shoes in the original box kind of girl. Recently I noticed that I neglect to wear a lot of my shoes because I forget that I have them. Out of sight, out of mind. I knew it was bad when one of my besties suggested that I wear a certain pair of shoes that I own with a new outfit and I had totally forgot about that pair. I had to take action.

I’ve always wanted a huge closet with long shelves across the walls for shoes, like the celebrities. Unfortunately I do not have the space in my closet or anywhere else in my apartment for that matter for this. In comes the shoe racks…

"shoe racks"

I took all of my shoes out of the boxes and lined them up in a row. I realized that I had a ton of shoes that I no longer wore, outgrew my style or thatΒ  I just simply didn’t like anymore. I then went to Target and picked up two of these expandable and stackable shoe racks. Expanded, the two racks together hold about 42 pairs of shoes. For reference, I wear a size 7.5/8 and my shoes fit fine on the racks.

"Shoe organization"

After taking all of the unwanted pairs out to giveaway, these are what I was left with. There are a few pairs here that will soon be replaced. This is a big step up from this…

My original shoe boxes. I’ve been too chicken to get rid of them completely yet lol

My tall boots are too tall for the rack so they reside in their original boxes on top of my closet with some Uggs and an old pair of kicks…

A closer look at some of my shoes. My flat sandals fit nicely under the bottom rack and a few pair of sneakers (that I barely ever wear) are piled in a corner…

How do you organize your shoes?

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