Polish Pick: OPI Black Shatter

I stopped in Ricky’s by my job on Friday to pick up some fishnets and lo and behold, they finally had OPI Shatter in… so of course I picked up a bottle! If you are not sure what OPI Shatter is, it’s OPI’s version of crackle nail polish just released with the Katy Perry and Serena Williams Collections. I was going out that night and needed to retouch my nails so I threw on a quick coat of Black Shatter…

"OPI Blac Shatter""OPI Black Shatter"

I was already wearing 2 coats of Wet ‘n Wild Shield from the Craze Collection and one coat each of Seche Vite Base & Top Coats, so I just applied one coat of Shatter and no top coat. Gorgeous, Gorgeous… Gorgeous!!!

The Shatter polish applied smooth, not thick at all. It dried quick to a beautiful matte finish, but I am pretty sure it will look good with Seche Vite on top as well. Loving everything about this polish except for the price… $13.99? Are you kidding me!!!! At least I had a 10% employee discount since Ricky’s is located in the vicinity of my job. Hmph… rolling my eyes.

*I redid my nails and applied Seche on top, even more gorgeous… looks like Minx!

Here are a few pics I snagged of both the collections, including some swatches…

I hear that this polish is sold out already online and hard to find at local retailers. Were you able to snag a bottle of OPI Black Shatter? Love it or leave it alone?


    • Yeah that is why I opted to get the shatter by itself instead of in the Serena set because Smash-ing looked too dupeable. Shield is gorgeous and only $1.99 girl lol

  1. I can't wait to try this polish!!! I am going to go out looking for it today! Hope I can snag a bottle!!!!

  2. I believe there's a similar shatter polish from BarryM, but correct me if I'm wrong….I don't live in the UK 😛

    • You are right, Barry M does make a similar polish called Instant Nail Effects. I am glad us US girlies has a version now too as I\’ve been wanting to try it forever! 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure I got mine for only $8 at Ulta, I’ll double check my receipt though. Price aside this is so worth it!! I grabbed one of the last 3 bottles and “threw some bo’s” as my man put it on Sunday. It is possible in my eagerness to HAVE this I might’ve “bumped” into a teen and her mom while they were oohing and ahhing over the bottle. I didn’t grab any other colors in the collection though, I did pick up some of the shades from China Glaze Anchors Away. This crackle is going to be perfect this weekend for the Super Bowl. Go Steelers!!

    • You are probably right. Ricky\’s tends to sell stuff at absolute retail or slightly above it so they probably jacked the price up. I\’m over it though since I am so in love with Shatter lol

    • I was tempted to get the Serena Williams Collection but the gold was dupeable and Ricky\’s wanted $19.99 for the two. No thank you lol

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