Fashion Please Don’t: UGG Abuse

There are so many things that I can say about this but I will leave that to you guys LOL. Ladies, if your UGGs are looking like this it is truly time to toss them. As a matter of fact, burn them! Please don’t get caught out there like this poor girl SMH.

*Shout out to my boy Flo for the photo



  1. I agree with the above comments — doesn't look trendy, and honestly your body will get payback big time in a few years 🙁

  2. @ANSTAH I feel you. I only wear my UGGs when it is extremely cold and trust you will never catch mine looking like this!

  3. I saw a little girl (probably 8-10 years old) wearing her fake UGGs like this at the Library a few days ago. Her parent's should be ashamed.

  4. OMG, this is so funny! It's scandalous to be still walking around in UGGs that are in this state! Somebody, please call the police! 😀

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