"Sleek Original Palette"

This is another winner from Sleek. Gorgeous, gorgeous… did I say gorgeous?! For all of you Metallic/Frost eyeshadow lovers, this one is for you. The Original Palette consists of 11 metallic shadows in an array of beautiful colors, and a matte black with a slight sheen to it. The shadows are very pigmented and applied smooth. The swatches were done without a base.

The Original Palette retails for $10 USD. For some reason the prices has gone up on Sleek’s website for the palettes since I placed my order, they were $8.51 then. I am totally not feeling this change in price. Did Sleek recently implement a price increase? I will have to investigate, maybe you UK girlies can help me out. I still believe that the palette is worth the price, but I am taking off a point for Sleek’s ridiculously high shipping… $13.50 USD to NYC!!! I let it slide before, but I can not tolerate highway robbery┬á in shipping fees AND a price increase. Hmph.

Rating: 4/5

FOTD’s coming soon. Any requests?


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  1. @Vixxan No problem Vixxan. I totally feel you. I definitely want to try more Sleek palettes and other products, but I am going to have to find them elsewhere unless they come down on the shipping. I will even settle for free shipping with a certain amount.@Edwina That sounds like the perfect plan and you get to play with the products beforehand in person :)@Tinuke Thank you!@Salina Yes, isn't it gorgeous?! lol@Amandita Once you get one you will definitely want them all, I think they are addictive lol. Maybe I will try a purple and black smokey eye.@areqoq You are totally right. The shipping is quite unbelievable.@Claire My pleasure. Thank you!

  2. Oh wow, the colours in this palette are so vivid! Love! But that price hike – very strange. It does make the high shipping fees less forgiveable.

  3. Oh dear God, what happened to the days when Sleek palettes were only £4.99? Now they are £6.49. WHAT?! So yes, there is a price hike, blame our awful government for the tax increase. So glad that Sleek are getting some major love over in the US as well though, I have always stood by them.

    • For the quality of the products, it is still such a great price with a nice selection as well. Oh how I wish we could get Sleek here locally in the US *sigh*

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