Sleek Makeup finally available in the USA!!!

Well ladies, the time that all of us girlies in the USA has been waiting for is finally here. After gawking over swatches on the UK girlies blogs for months, I am amped to say that Sleek Makeup is finally available here in the USA. The brand launched it’s website a few days ago and they do indeed ship here. For the first few days I was not able to get on the site as it was not responding. I guess all of us that has been waiting for so long all tried to get on at the same time and crashed the poor site lol.

Anyway, I was able to get on this morning and successfully placed an order. I was mainly after some of the Sleek i-Divine Palettes so I purchased the new limited edition Bohemian Palette that just launched today,  the Original Palette and the Storm Palette. I was a bit bummed because I also wanted the Acid Palette, but unfortunately it does not ship here. The ink pots was also not available for US orders 🙁  Now a few details… each palette was $8.51 USD and shipping to NYC was $13.50 giving me a total of $39.03, not bad at all! I will let you guys know when my order arrives and will definitely post swatches. So if like me, you have been patiently waiting to get your hands on some Sleek Makeup… head on over to the site now!!!!

Hopefully this innovation will lead to local retailers stocking the products. It would be a dream for Sleek to be available locally, like around the corner! lol



  1. Hey!

    I'm a few months late on this info but super excited as well! Definitely going to check it out, thanks!


  2. Do you know if the website is having problems now..?? I tried registering to Order to ship to the USA..but it wont allow me… the page just reloads to blank registration over and over :(( BOOO!!

  3. WOW REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? YES I TRIED MANY TIMES Yesterday and TODAY… With NOOO LUCK! :(… thats sooo odd .. the entire webpage is glitchy.. and I tried on 2 different computers.. too bad 4 me 🙁

  4. I tried on there website.. but the contact page wouldn’t process either… I typed it and everything then when I went to submit it erased everything and didn’t send it no confirmation or anything… do you happen to have an email address for them..maybe?

  5. sorry to bother u but I was sooo excited to finally get my hands on some SLEEK MAKEUP!! .. and then nothing 🙁 lol

  6. Hi, I just recently(Today) tried to order from the site and my order keeps getting rejected, can you help me please…. By the way ur profile pic is beautiful..

  7. In regards to the acid palette you can buy it through a third party company, I know I bought mine through ebay and I absolutely love it!

    • Thank you so much. Eventually I was able to get the Acid Palette. I did a post with swatches and a review, but just remembered that I still have not used it. I will have to do a look with it ASAP

  8. Heyy , Im just trying to buy some make up but I dont get the way to pay .. they say i have to pay by sage pay but i have no idea what is that :S .. i mean i want to know if i can pay by credit card or something like that .. please answer me .. im really excited about to get some products 🙂 thank you!!

  9. i need help i make a order from sleek makeup and i receive order number but not my tracking number i yry to let the company know but i send a message to them and nothing i lived in usa i don’t know what to do :/

  10. Heyy sorry to bug yu, but were can I get sleek make up product?? (in a store, I don’t have internet so it has to b in a store)

    • Sleek Makeup is not available in stores in the US, only online. I’m confused, if you don’t have Internet how are you viewing my blog?

  11. I placed a order with sleek on 9/23/12 I still have received my products or any information as to why its still not here. My order is still pending.

  12. been trying to contact sleek customer service but no luck. they have deducted the money but i dont know if it was shipped yet. do you know the number they can be reached?

  13. Do I need to create an account wid sagepay and then place an order.i tried many times using my credit card but it won’t accept

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